reaching diamond with a booster

Diamond Elo Boosting in League of Legends

The quality and performance required from a LoL player to achieve Diamond division is up par with some of the most qualified and highly trained athletes and should be considered to give the recognition of an enormous task which represents lots of dedication and study as well as practice and knowledge of the game.

Reaching the point of Diamond tier puts you next to the very top players of the game and will be matched only versus the less than 1% who ever achieve this status.

There is nothing more to Diamond than a simple win-ratio that will put you there, however the higher you go the tougher your opponents will be and it will dictate how difficult each game will become and how much more you need to learn in order to get better at it.

Platinums Seeking for  a Diamond Boost

With this in mind, an ELO boost to Diamond division in NA becomes a reality that a lot might consider for one of two things.

Most players that seek for this type of MMR pusshing are only interested in the ability for them to show their current ratings, regardless of how they got it, which is completely acceptable as it doesn’t put a strain on the entire community as much as some might thing and it’s not damaging to their own skill level.

The other reason that someone might request an elo boost is simply because they are stuck in what’s called “elo hell”; and in order to climb higher to the division and league that they should end up in they will ask for someone to take them there so they can stay in that division indefinitely, this works about 70% of the time if the climb is “close” from starting to finish, for example if the change is from Platinum to Diamond then this will most likely stick than if it were from Silver to Diamond for example.

Our Diamond boosting services can be done in two ways, one is through single queue and one is through duo queue, the difference is the time efficiency of the two, given that in order to perform as a duo queue elo booster our players have to match the times of the customers and therefore it will make it last much longer than if they didn’t and just let our player use the account as if it were themselves.

elo boosting to diamond

Diamond Boost: Delivery Time

Usually with high success rates game after game the boosts that end up in the target Diamond division take roughly 3-4 days to be completed and are not exclusive to the people in Platinum tier, this can be done all the way from Bronze V to Diamond I, it’s entirely up to the decision of you, the customer of how you want our services to be performed.

The ELO system in Diamond requires the same amount of wins per “climb” than if would in Bronze so the time is not a restrain, the only challenge is the harder the opponents the more difficult it becomes for our boosters to take each win, which is why we only deal with people who have been Challenger for more than 3 seasons in the past and they know what they are doing all the time ensuring that the win-ratio will always remain the same and thus making the time to deliver each other the same for every single division boost.