dealing with trolls in league of legends

Hey there summoners, this might not be the typical blog that we post in here however it’s something that happens within League of Legends at any ELO and it’s also important to deal with, it’s just one of the things you’re going to have to get good at if you want to be the best you can be at League.

So… what’s the problem with trolls, there are trolls everywhere online aren’t they?

You should know how to deal with them already if you have any form of internet connection and therefore you’re reading this.

However it’s a bit more complicated than that, while trolls in other places do exist, they do not troll you WHILE you’re trying to perform in something, being a sport or this e-sport that is League of Legends.

Being trolled or told something that can put you off and take you out of your “zone” (which we shall talk about in the next blog) can definitely affect your performance because it breaks the concentration that you require in order to do well at the game.

I was talking with one of our top ELO boosters and he told me what he does whenever he has to do a boost, keep in mind that this guy is a Challenger since the first season as has been one until today, he’s also boosted for hours on end and became pro in the Asian region for a couple years now.

His strategy is very simple on how to deal with chat, obviously whatever the chat trolls say to him is irrelevant given that he’s one of the best players in the world.

He just… closes the chat… ignores it altogether! You might think this is a shocker because you think that you have to pay attention in order to read what’s happening in the game and be alert and try to play accordingly to what your team-mates need.

However this is just false, if you are good enough in League of Legends you would be aware of what’s going on at all times everywhere to even need to read the chat in the first place.

Take the advice from one of the best players in the game and just do the same whenever you feel like you’re getting angry at what the other people are saying.

Trolls are considered to be the biggest pests and one of the main reasons that people lose games in ranked mode specifically. Trolls affect everyone at some point in time and everyone has to deal with it eventually, a troll is someone who goes into the game to intentionally cause their own team to lose for reasons such as: Making them mad, having a bad game, being immature in general. A troll usually shows no mercy to his own team and will sell all his items, afk at the fountain or feed the enemy team so much that it makes it near impossible for their own team to win the games.

A troll can be easily spotted during early game by the way he is typing and what he is saying. Sometimes they can be spotted in the lobby by saying things like “mid or feed”. These people usually live up to what they say and won’t hesitate doing it. It is best to surrender early or dodge these game to not waste your time or anyone elses in the team. Whenever you see one, never feed him or grow his ego because that will only motivate him more into trolling. Riot is doing their best to stop these people and they all eventually get banned at some point.