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  • Up to 5000
  • Instant Delivery
  • No Requirements


  • Up to 5000
  • Instant Delivery
  • No Requirements

Dota 2 Account Benefits:

  • The first obvious benefit is an entire account to yourself, we have custom built accounts ready to go and delivered in seconds.
  • You can easily just request what type of account you want with a certain rank, or maybe certain skins or other such customer features to and we’ll see what we can do for you right away.
  • Another thing to note is that if you are a player that got banned you’ll already have a max level account to head straight into ranked right away so you don’t have to go through that grind of leveling and farming up things in the account that you already want.
  • If you are looking for a specific skin or an account with a specific rating then we have you covered there. We provide accounts that have been owned by some of the best players to ever grace the game including super rare skin ones.
  • So if you want to buy dota 2 accounts then look no further because you’ve hit the jackpot.

Purchase a Dota 2 Smurf:

You can find Dota 2 account for sale anywhere and everywhere that you go. That is common, but what isn’t common is having a place where you can buy custom made smurf accounts tailored to your needs and wants ready for you already.

Most other places just hand you a fresh max level account right away and they let you do whatever you want with it. Here we take it one step further and allow you to get the account to your liking.

If you want to get a dota 2 account or specifically smurfs, not just any account then this is the place to be. We have mid level smurfs at a lower price for some of you that don’t mind that mid level grind out.

So look no further and stop waiting around to get a dota 2 account. Accounts in Dota 2 for sale can be scarce so we can help you out in your search, even it is an account that you want and have found it impossible to find you can always

this is the type of account you will get in dota2
for sale account found here in dota 2

Get an account Right Here

Who farms the accounts and are they safe to purchase? This is an issue that has been addressed many times here and time and time again we will stick to our word when we say that every single account here is leveled by an actual person and not a bot.

Bot’s get your account banned and anything that we sell here we value it as if it was our own. We would never risk your accounts security using a bot and eventually getting Valve to ban it.

Anytime you buy a Dota 2 account here rest assured that it is 110% safe and secure. We provide the email password and anything that you want to change afterwards is all up to you. High end accounts in Dota 2 for sale can sometimes be hard to find which is why we have created the largest dota 2 account selling network in both the US and EU regions.

We will be able to provide you with the best accounts, some formerly owned by competitive players even. Skins are a big thing we know. So we have accounts that are completely decked out with skins here too.

Custom Orders

Want a Dota 2 account that comes preloaded with a high rank? Want it made just for you on the spot, ranked up professionally by our elite team of boosters? We can make that happen. Here at Elitist Gaming we have been making custom account orders for over 4 years now and like to think we do a good job of it. We can kit your account with the latest rare skins, mounts, or rare couriers. It’s up to you and what we have available. Every account will go through strict security through VPN’ s and will always come up clean and without any future problems once you play, guaranteed.

this is the type of account you will get in dota2
for sale account found here in dota 2

Options Galore

We have a wide array of different MMR types. If you need Low MMR accounts, 4k – 5k MMR Solo accounts, or 4k – 5k MMR Party accounts and other types we can offer them to you. Looking for a rare leader board and region like SE Asia with 6k – 7k MMR account, we can make it happen.