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Need some help and want to get coached by the best players in the ladders? We got you covered wth rank top 500 coaches available at your command.

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Dota 2 coaching on demand here and now:


  • 1 hour
  • Skype Required
  • Self Play
  • Pro Coaches


  • 2 hours
  • Skype Required
  • Self Play
  • Pro Coaches


  • 3 hours
  • Skype Required
  • Self Play
  • Pro Coaches

Getting a boost in dota 2 is great, but getting some coaching in Dota 2 lasts forever.

Dota 2 coaching has been gaining some popularity and traction in the competitive scene. As players get better more players get left behind and rely on the higher end players to teach them what the latest meta and what the best strats are.

That is exactly what is happening every season and the reason why you see some players climb up the ladder from a low rank sometimes isn’t always being boosted.. but rather they have learned from a top coach.

Dota 2 Lessons by High MMR Players:

How Can a Rank 500 Player Help Me? If you’re not rank 500 or even close then you’ll learn something from a rank 500 player.

If you want to get a dota 2 coach then it may as well be someone who knows what they’re talking about and not some trash tier or mid level player. Everything from laning to team fighting and who to target in them is what makes a good player a great player.

You’ll learn this and anything else in between from just one session. Remember that this is an investment in your and into your gameplay so that you can benefit from it and get to the rankings that you want to be in.

You don’t have to settle for anything less than top tier lessons in dota 2.

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Receive Coaching Now:

Who are the Coaches? The Coaches are all rank top 500 players as stated previously.

If you want the absolute best lessons in dota 2 from the best players in the world then you want to be here right now. At the press of a button you can summon a rank 500 player to assist you in anything that you want.

If you want to get a dota 2 coach that is even from the top 100 then you’re going to want to get some premium coaching and even curren top 500 players can benefit from being coached by a player of this level.

If you’re just starting out then you can get the edge and have yourself boosted to the top right away. Not by us but by yourself. You are the one that will be boosting your own account since you will come out of each session a better player.

Coaching for dota 2 is a growing trend and you don’t want to miss out and fall behind.

Dota 2 Coaching Selection:

Dota 2 coaches are picked through a very vigorous process from a wide array of our Dota 2 boosters. We take extra special care in analyzing each coach for their communication skills, knowledge of game mechanics and tips, fluency in language of client’s choice, meeting a certain rank requirement, and exceptional gameplay. If they can easily crush us that’s a good sign. Our coaches will develop a highly individualized coaching plan for you that will analyze your strengths and weaknesses and anything in-between to develop a A+ plan of action that will help you to rank up your MMR with ease.

Dota 2 coaches at Elitist Gaming have extensive in game experience and that is guaranteed, over 1000 hours and usually much more. Many of our coaches play Dota 2 exclusively, and some of them even play for a living whether through boosting, coaching, or sponsorships. Many of our coaches develop guides and other public documentation to help new players, but keep their best tricks and tips for private lessons with clients like you. You can expect only high MMR players coaching you.

In DotA there’s multiple variables when it comes to roles and lanes. You have gold and XP priority which are ranked from position 1, the hard carry, which gets all gold and xp priority to position 5, supports, which get shit. As for lanes, you have your mid lane, pretty straight forward, usually a 1v1 battle for the most gold with supports roaming for ganks now and again. You have safe lane, which is where the hard carry and support go together, sometimes even two supports (a tri-lane), this lane’s goal is to gather as much xp and gold for the hard carry so he can destroy everyone in late-game. Then you have the offlane, this lane has either 1 or 2 heroes, their goal is to annoy the shit out of the enemy safe lane, denying gold and experience, even getting kills on them if the support doesn’t do their job at zoning the offlaner. And last you have the jungler/roamer, which is optional/situational in every game, he roams around the map assisting all lanes after getting some levels in the forest. That is pretty much what you need to know about laning basics. Coaches will help you with more specific fine tuning.

giant jungle lessons