prepare your account for a boost

ELO Boost Account Preparation

The preparation of an account as a customer before we start the order of your ELO boost is very important for you to ensure the total security and the fastest and most efficient delivery possible.

One of the main reasons why some accounts get banned is because they do not follow through the steps that we will lay down here before, during and after a LoL Boost.


1. You should make sure that your account hasn’t been logged on from your own IP for at least 6 hours before the order starts, so you can place the order but at least a minimum of 4 to 6 hours before it starts you should not play it or log it anywhere. The reason is very simple, it’s tied to the IP change, a sudden IP change is one of the main triggers, a natural IP change as if you were traveling somewhere or visiting a friend would make for a more natural change that would cause you go look normal in RIOT’s eyes, therefore making you less susceptible to receive a ban.

2. Make sure your chats are turned off and that you have no chat applications anywhere logged in while our boosters are playing.

3. Triple check that your username and passwords are correct before sending it to us, this will prevent account locking and the need to contact you to reset the password for our ELO boosters to access your account again.


1. Under no circumstances at all you should ever log into the account while it’s being played by one of our boosters, this will cause him to disconnect and lose the game. This means that we will not be able to finish said game and because the cause for a loss was not our doing, we will have to discount that extra win from the total order, remember that the price order is calculated in wins that it takes for you to go from X ELO to Y ELO.

2. Don’t log any chat applications that will tell the different IP locations from yourself and our booster while he’s playing.

high elo account


1. After your account has been elo boosted make sure you do not log immediately into it and play, I know the temptation is big but please do not to it as you will compromise the account security, if you want to check your new ELO then please look into or similar websites with real-time updates on the current division and league of each summoner. This has to be done to ensure no sudden IP differences and thus increasing your security a lot. We recommend at least 4 hours before you can log in.

2. Make sure you do the same with your chats and any applications that have your account information in them for League of Legends, wait for that 4 hour mark.

3. Now it’s your time to change your password to something new or to change it back to what it was before you requested the ELO boost and you had to change it.