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73% of our customers prefer playing with a challenger for hours!

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$1599per division
  • Challenger Players
  • 24h Delivery
  • NO win trading
  • Professional Boosters
  • Unique Security System

Self Play Elo Boost Pricing

Pick your current division and play with our top Challenger boosters in Duo queue, you’ll be able to order more than 1 hour in the next page after picking your division, this includes coaching for the hour.


$4per game
  • Play With a Challenger
  • Raise your ELO
  • 24h Delivery
  • Coaching Included


$9per game
  • Play With a Challenger
  • Raise your ELO
  • 24h Delivery
  • Coaching Included


$11per game
  • Play With a Challenger
  • Raise your ELO
  • 24h Delivery
  • Coaching Included


$15per game
  • Play With a Challenger
  • Raise your ELO
  • 24h Delivery
  • Coaching Included


$22per game
  • Play With a Challenger
  • Raise your ELO
  • 24h Delivery
  • Coaching Included

Divisions, Money Back Guarantee100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!
Get your full money back without questions within 7 days if your boost has not started, No questions asked!
In ALL products.

Step by Step how it works

For Piloted:
Pick your current and desired ELO.
Proceed to the checkout.
Return to a members area where we will contact you requesting your details and setting you up for the next boost in line.
Boosters will take your account and start playing through secure channels and raise your ELO just like you ordered in record times.
Your account is delivered with a new division and you’re good to go.

For Self-Play:
Pick your division.
Pick the amount of hours you want to play with our challengers.
Proceed to cart and then checkout.
Once your payment is made you will return to our members area where you will be forwarded directly to our challengers to set you up within 24 hours and start to play with them, the coaching part included will be done through skype as the games take place.

**skype is not required but it’s certainly more beneficial to you.

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Account Safety

The security of your League of Legends account is our top priority along with getting our jobs done and reaching the desired division you ask us. With countless years of experience combined from professional challenger boosters that have been doing this for years each, we have developed unique methods to ensure that your account is always safe from a ban and also from the possibility of detail information over the internet.

We use vast combinations of VPNs, VPSs, VMs, etc with secure shell servers and hosts using top encryption tactics to ensure that your account is always at the top of our list of priorities.

Additionally every single one of our boosters has been run through a trial period in which they are explained our secure systems and they are also tested to verify how professional they are while handling other people’s accounts. “just being good at league” doesn’t cut it for our recruitment process and we perform thorough background checks to ensure we deal with nothing but the best people in the business.



Is it Safe?
After countless years of experience combined between all of our top boosters we have developed extremely effective and safe methods to ensure your account is never in danger, all done through secure and encrypted connections.
**Boosters will not touch the IP and RP of the accounts at all.

How long does it take?
We schedule orders based on a queue and have optimized our processes to make sure that every customer is served within 24 hours or less from when they purchased.

Can I pause it?
Yes you can pause the on-going piloted elo boosts throughout our chat system or through our skype direct connection with you.

Can I watch?
Yes you can track the progress of your accounts through the tracking websites like lolking.net and op.gg, you can also spectate with a smurf account what the booster is doing in real time.

Can I talk with the ELO booster?
Yes you can in duo queue division boosts, however in solo queue our players will not be available mid-game.

I made an Order, what now?
You will be forwarded to our players and asked for the details needed in order to fulfill the order as soon as possible.

What servers are available?
NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, OCE. (LAN & LAS coming soon).

I made a mistake in my order, what do I do?
Contact us through our chat system you can find at the bottom of this website or send us an email through our contact page in the top menu.

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