Emerald Nightmare Boost EU & US

The Burning Legion has come for our world once again. This time they come far bigger than any other time before, even bigger than the invasion in the War of the Ancients they are here to take our world from us. Most people don’t know that this is the third invasion that the Legion has done to Azeroth. They seek the titan that lives within Azeroth and Sargeras seek to destroy it before it can be born.

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  • Full Clear
  • All Loot Relics & Offpieces included
  • Self Play


  • Full Clear
  • All Loot Relics & Offpieces included
  • Self Play

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What are the benefits to purchasing Emerald Nightmare?

  • Achievements from the raid including a Feat of Strength one. Ahead of the Curve before it goes away next raid tier.
  • You will get 850(normal) 865(heroic) 880(mythic)+ item level gear inside the raid.
  • Artifact Power depending on your Artifact Knowledge Level.
  • Last but not least.. a chance for a Legendary!
  • SELF PLAY get to experience a raid while it’s fresh and while it’s current with a top guild.
  • We guarantee at least 6 items in one loot run with master loot while others may not get you a guarantee.
  • Requirements for Emerald Nightmare:
  • Level 110 character… That’s it! You are not required to be a certain ilvl or share your account info unless you order that package.


We only ask for login and password to access the account come raid time. We will never ask you for anything else.
If you won’t be around during raid time try and get the unlocking process done with your assigned booster.

More information about Emerald Nightmare.

Emerald Nightmare drops exclusive tier 19 look a like transmog sets. So if you are a rogue you can look like a druid if you manage to get the set. Everything that drops will be given to you so you can expect a lot of loot!

Emerald Nightmare Carry:

During the War of the Ancients Azshara almost succeeded in bringing Sargeras to life and summoning him to our planet. Thanks to their brave actions the invasion was stopped and so was Azshara, although she did not perish in the fall out. She lives on to this day plotting her revenge against the world.

Her Highborne attendants were the most loyal subjects to the queen, among them one of the strongest was Xavius. As all of the Highborne were perishing and about die they heard whispers from the Old God N’Zoth. He promised them power and life in exchange for their loyalty. All of the Highborne including Azshara took up his offer and gained even more strength but in exchange their appearance became deformed and unrecognizable.

Xavius with his ill will and evil thoughts against the rest of the races of Azeroth went out and schemed a plan to corrupt the emerald dream. Knowing that if he was successful in corrupting one of the dragon aspects and corrupting Azeroth’s mirror he could take over the world. He went through with this plan and slowly but surely started corrupting the dream. One druid after another kept on getting corrupted and all the arc druids sensed a disturbance in the balance inside.

cenarius last boss in the emerald raid
the nightmare tree carry

The Legion comes and it comes for us all. With the help of the demon warlock Gu’ldan from an alternate timeline they have been able to open the tomb of Sargeras and are invading like they have never before. Their pawn is Xavius the corrupter someone who is as old as Azeroth herself. Xavius is within the dream and has turned it into a nightmare. Getting the Emerald Nightmare Boost would be one of the best things that you can do in order to prepare for this upcoming invasion.

The Emerald Nightmare in Legion is going to be the first of our tests of strengths that we are going to have to overcome. Having pushed the Legion back they have no resorted to bringing forth the Emerald Nightmare making all of their realities a possibility that will turn Azeroth into a breeding ground for demons. The Emerald Nightmare carry is going to help you out heavily while progressing in all difficulties it would be worth getting it. Ever since the battle of the broken shore both factions suffered heavy losses at the hand of the Legion making it extremely difficult for everyone to come together after the look a like betrayal of the horde against the alliance.

Both Alliance and Horde have to come together in order to defeat the ancient evil that is the burning legion. First we have to defeat the nightmare within and defeat Xavius so it doesn’t speed up the legions plans. This is where you have to take the fight directly to Xavius and get a Emerald Nightmare Boost. The foes that you will encounter within the nightmare are not only some of the deadliest and strongest ones ever but also your past allies. Inside the Nightmare you will see old friends corrupted, such as Malfurion, Ysera, and Cenarius. Some of the most iconic characters that you have grown up with are now completely corrupted and turned over to the nightmare.

Defeat them by getting a Emerald Nightmare carry in order to not only save the whole of Azeroth but all future worlds as well. We cannot let the Legion prevail and let our home world turn into Argus where they won and conquered. Don’t let Xavius win and don’t let Azshara rule this world with her beloved Legion. Get the Emerald Nightmare Boost in order to end the corruption in our world once and for all.