Mythic Emerald Nightmare Boost

Within the Emerald Dream an ancient evil was waiting for its chance to strike. The Emerald dream was the world of Azeroth’s clone a mirror of the entire world kept quiet and calm by the druids of Azeroth. It was kept clean and calm for millenia until the Burning Legion invaded and caused the Night Elf Empire to fall into chaos. At the center of that chaos was Queen Azshara, she sought to rule over the world with an iron first alongside the demon Sargeras. Sargeras managed to corrupt her and the invasion nearly succeeded were it not for the brave actions of the Druid Malfurion and the Demon Hunter Illidan.

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Mythic Emerald Nightmare Carry:

The heroes of Azeroth have to come together to defeat this evil since Xavius has now managed to corrupt the entire Emerlad Dream. Even the Dream Warden and the dragon aspect Ysera. With her and Malfurion Stormrage’ corruption it means that if the dream is able to enter the actual realm of Azeroth that is what it will become The Emerald Night Mythic Raid Carry coming in Legion will assure you a one of a kind experience that certainly can’t be matched by other.

This raid looks to be one of the most promising raids in a very long time. The Emerald Dream is something that people have always wanted ever since the in game files for it were found in the original WoW. Getting an Emerald Nightmare Mythic Boost would be the dream of most players since not only do they get to live out their fantasy of going through the raid but they will also get the best possible current gear available. Not to mention the cool weapon enchant that Xavius drops that you can only pick up from him. Using the best guilds in the world you will get a full,half, or custom Emerald Nightmare Mythic Boost.

The raid is certainly one of the most beautiful ones that Blizzard has created It has some of the best and brand new boss fight mechanics as well.

Emerald Nightmare
Corrupted Ysersa Emerald Boss

Xavius is proving to be a real test for all guilds in Mythic difficulty. Ysera Malfurion Stormrage, and Cenarius are all iconic characters in World of Warcraft that would have never thought out to have been bosses in the game. They are all remnants and corruptions of their past self’s but they are proving to be some of the most challenging bosses the world has ever seen. The heroes of Azeroth must rise up and heed the call not only for the Legion but for the Emerald Dream as well.

The nightmare must be stopped otherwise not only the Legion but the Old God’s minions and new threats will come up that will make saving the world impossible. Everyone has to stand strong and become a solid unit both the Horde and the Alliance must put their differences aside in order to save their world from certain destruction. The Legion and the Nightmare both come for us it’s time to stop them both one by one vanquishing evil forever.