How does this work?

Simply put we get your battletag after you make a purchase and schedule you and forward you to a supplier after the scheduling.

How long does it take for me to get scheduled?

We contact you either the same day or the day after you make a purchase, and then the scheduling begins.

How do the PvP carries work?

One of our professional players will access your account and boost you its as simple as that.

How long does it take for me to get my Gladiator or Rank one done?

Those two products take about two to four days to finish.

How long does it take for me to get my 2k in arena done?

2k takes about one night to finish.

After purchasing a PvE carry when will I get my product?

Pve carries all depend on the guild you are scheduled with, all of them start on Tuesdays and end on Fridays.

Can I upgrade my PvP achievements?

Yes you can for example if you buy a 2k carry if you decide you want a 2200 it will only be 100$ instead of 200$.

Do I get all the loot in my PvE runs?

Yes all the loot for your spec and class is provided and if there is another customer with the same spec and class you will roll for it.

How do I get in touch with the site on a more personal level?

Our Skype has representatives on it 24/7 feel free to contact us there at any time.

How does my RBG boost progress?

You will be notified live as to where your character stands in regards to the rating the pvpers are playing with the character.

In arena carries do I get to play my own toon?

No arena is hard enough as it is. Piloting is a much faster way for both parties, and we do not offer player option.

I bought and I’m unsure of how to proceed?

If you misunderstood a product and already bought we will try to help you out and do what we can, if you’d like a refund then please read our refund policy. If the product is already scheduled and being carried out then we will do our best to help you out however we can’t assure you that the resolution will be 100% as you ask for it. Please refer to our refund policy and terms of use/service  and our “how it works” page. As stated in our terms of use page please make sure that BEFORE you make a purchase you must understand the terms 100% and if you are unsure or misunderstand any of the statements then please contact us first.

What if I do not get my rank 1 & gladiator title at the end of the season?

We offer refunds accordingly to the rating achiev. EX: you get gladiator title but payed for rank one you will be refunded 200$ Gladiator price is 500$. NOTE: Our players deliver the rating you bought in the current time where you bought it (if you bought it in June 6th 2014 we deliver the rating according to the cut for these titles as of June 6th 2014) we have no control over the rating changes at the end of the season.

How do I stay within the title cut?

The boosters may keep track of the ladders and may decide to push it to further ratings and cuts to accommodate. BUT it’s also within your responsibility to remind your booster (given that you are in direct contact with them the entire time) about the rating changes.
HOWEVER the our boosters and the company will not be held responsible for the rating changes given that we have no control over the game itself. Which is why as a customer you must keep track of the ratings and cuts.
This is a way to try to help you keep your titles in case the ratings change although this is NOT a way to secure it. (please refer to the question above this one).
Our boosters will NOT do this right before the season finishes.

What if blizzard strips me from my title/rating? Can I be compensated in any way or form?

Since every case is different in these situations we will try to work with you in order to compensate in some way, being a refund or something, but we can’t ensure that every single case can be compensated given the fact that we do not have total control of the game.

What kind of content is provided in the lessons?

Content in the hour of lesson you purchase is based off what the player deems you to be. For example if you are a completely new player to arena, he or she will teach you the basics. On the other hand if you are a seasoned veteran with high ratings you will learn tournament level play.

Do I get to play my own character in PvE play?

Yes always PvE offers player option or piloted you can play your own character in any PvE service.