full normal soo run

Full normal SoO run 14/14 bosses

– through the instance. Includes all the loot that drops for your class and specialization. If there is another customer within your same spec and class you will roll for the loot. Grants you an achievement as well as a title.

 Cost: $300

The veil of mists has cleared from the continent of Pandaria and the Horde are seeking for ultimate conquest of Azeroth.

Brave heroes must venture into the Siege of Orgrimmar in order to stop Garrosh Hellscream from destroying the world as we know it.

Garrosh has used the power of a corrupted old god that was slain by the Titans many millenia ago. Y’shaarj was the name of the old god that fell under the continent of Pandaria and was sealed away never to return again.

Garrosh Hellscream, son of the legendary Grom Hellscream wielder of the legendary axe Gorehowl has been corrupted by the very blood of the old god Y’shaarj.

Using this power he want to tear Azeroth apart under the city of Orgrimmar and establish a new orc world withing Azeroth where only the race of Orcs can rule and hold control over all the lands.

The Pandaren forces have tried to stop Garrosh and warned the Alliance of the imminent threat that Garrosh has presented, but they did not heed the Pandarens warning. Garrosh’ plan activated and was at full blast within the Siege of Orgrimmar.

He managed to obtain the blood and power of the old god and it empowered him in away that he had no equal in terms of strength. It has been left up to the heroes of Azeroth to venture into the Siege of Orgrimmar and take over, dethrone, and stop Garrosh before his plan comes into full effect.

That is not an easy task at all however. Garrosh has also empowered his army to create a “new” Horde that is the strongest we have seen since the original invasion in the first war; here you can learn how to unfold this story and how to win it with your guild or group.

The alliance and some other key and powerful figures such as Jaina Proudmoore have joined the fight and are taking it to Garrosh directly; you can find this taking place whenever you take a Half Heroic SoO Run with our guilds.

Garrosh has assembled some of the brightest and smartest forces from the Horde factions to assist him in his conquest of the world. The goblins of Kezan have his back and are ready to fight anyone that comes in their way.

With new weapons of war, more strategies and most importantly and empowered Horde they are ready to fight anyone.

You must face Garrosh Hellscream son of Grom Hellscream directly and defeat him once and for all for the whole of Azeroth. It will not be an easy task at all but a task that must be done in order to save the world.