The Best Conquest Cap Service In the Game

full conquest cap
*does not include the Ashran bonus
*if your conquest cap is lower than what you purchased it will be delivered in parts per week.

Conquest Cap Pricing


  • Up to 1800
  • Self Play
  • Rank 1 Players


  • Up to 2800
  • Self Play
  • Rank 1 Players


  • Up to 4500
  • Self Play
  • Rank 1 Players


  • Up to 6500
  • Self Play
  • Rank 1 Players


  • Up to 8000
  • Self Play
  • Rank 1 Players

Unlimited Conquest Cap


  • Unlimited
  • Self Play
  • Rank 1 Players

Hello my name is Jon and I’ve been playing this game for years now; specially in the player versus player side of it. Before the conquest points were implemented we used to buy gear with just honor points back in Vanilla WoW; after that we moved to a new form of PvP called arena which was implemented in the expansion pack called “Burning Crusade” and then we had to buy our gear through a combination of rating and arena points; such a thing stayed that way throughout the following expansion called Wrath of the Lich King.

ruins of lordaeron smal

This was rather annoying because sometimes getting the rating required to buy some piece of gear was very hard and then risking the ratings to get the arena points was a hassle. Luckly the conquest caps were implemented however it isn’t much different at all as you still have to play ranked games to get your points week after week.

What if you had the best players as your partners?

You know that if you had the best partners in the game you’d have your conquest points in no time at all week after week without risking your ratings, or maybe even increasing your ratings; however, this is not the case most likely for most of the player-base.

If you are struggling to get your friends together to cap your conquest points before they reset; if your conquest cap is too big for you to stay with your friends throughout 1 night to get it finished then you should look for other ways to cap your conquest points.

No time wasted in Arenas

You don’t want to get out of your way every day to try and get some friends or people that you might not even know and cap your points; risking your ratings. Conquest points are very important for any pvper specially when the season is starting because you need them to buy gear, or when you level a new toon you also have to start gearing it for PvP which can be a pain if you have multiple characters and you have to cap all of them before the reset happens.

level 1 needs a conquest cap

How many times have you found yourself with no points just before the reset is done because you couldn’t find anyone willing to cap it with you. As well as not having the time with your partners to get one of the best pvp mounts in the game aside from the gladiator mounts because they simply wouldn’t play with you out of lack of time.

Our Service

The alternative we offer to you is simply getting the best players in the game, multiple-rank 1 pro’s that will take you through the games with optimal success rates and cap your points with no time at all compared to the average players.

No matter the gear no matter the class or spec our multi-rank 1 pros will carry you through a full conquest cap.