Hero rbg boost
Only 0.5% of players in the rbg ladders obtain this title. Hero titles are rare and the equivalent of a rank one in arena. Be in full current season gear before purchasing this product.

This product will be piloted by our professional PvPers.

Cost: $500

***This is a legacy page since the current MMR system now made the “Hero Title” something you can achieve with a rating higher than 2200, which renders this page a bit useless since you can just go to the link above and get the same exact product anyways.

However… with that being said; we have to finish the story of John, our customer that went from zero to Hero in a time spam of only 3 months, which is unheard of.

So as you may or may not have imagined, our friend John decided he wanted to boost to Hero-range and then play with the people that dwell in that rating to see if he was up for the challenge and not be a third wheel in the team making them loose.

He already experienced 2000 rating and 2200 rating (remember that back then 2200 rating wasn’t within the Hero range) so for him it would be extremely challenging and exciting to see how he would play.

And…. just a week later he got his rating from us, again!

This was a game changer because when he logged in to play with a high caliber team like the ones that remain in the top 0.5% he noticed different things, he noticed what would separate a random player from someone who knows what they’re doing fairly well.

Not only the strategy was there, the team-work, the skills of the players themselves, the reflexes, the mindset, everything! But most importantly and the thing that separates the boys from the men had to be the determination and the attitude, losing is not an option, these people would go above and beyond to win a RBG game, it wasn’t about statistics, it wasn’t about anything else… These people would turn every game into a win no matter what, even if they had to change the strategy right on the spot, it wouldn’t matter as long as they knew that they could leverage the flow of the game in such a way that would benefit them scoring a win.