Bronze ELO basics

Getting A LoL Boost in Bronze

Once you find yourself in Bronze the lowest tier of the League of Legends Divisions as the start of your solo queue ranking adventure you will find that the climb from Bronze V to Bronze I is very tough because it usually requires you to break out of the so-called Elo Hell, which is a place where the very bad players of the game gather and can’t break that specific rating.

In reality this ELO hell lasts until the mid-Silver tier and you won’t find the best players until you break this plateau, we’ve written a guide and reason of why a boost will help you get out of this division range and why it’s beneficial.

This division, Bronze, ties very well with the bracket in which you hit a plateau, a wall of some sort that no matter how much you play you will find yourself not being able to break.

Bronze As The Lowest ELO Ladder

Many players would say that if you can’t get out of bronze for yourself then you don’t deserve an ELO boost because this is the last resort that you have in order to keep improving, and the low skill level that Bronze has will not require you to fall back to something so powerful as a boost.

This is not entirely true, the skill level to break out of Bronze might be low however if you think about it integrally you will see that the skill level “cap” is just as high for a new player to get out of bronze as it is for you, a skilled and seasoned player to break platinum and reach Diamond tier. Even if that takes something as bursting with your abilities to get maximum ranking.

The statistics show that there are even more bronze players that in all the other divisions combined, and this means a lot because there will be no ladder for you to climb if you find yourself in the situation of being a new player breaking out of Bronze.

Boosting out of ELO hell (Bronze)

Get Boosted and Skip the Hell

For this reason alone once you find yourself having some basic skills and knowledge after you’ve read our guides and you’ve read up on how to use each different champion the most efficient way, you CAN consider a boost of your ELO up until the mid-silver tier where you will match the skill-level of those players who do put some effort into every game.

The reason the ELO hell happens and it concentrates on the bronze to mid-silver is simply because those players are there in ranked solo queue just having fun and not caring about winning or losing, in fact a lot of them are there with the whole purpose of trolling other players and this makes it even harder for a new player to earn enough proper experience and get himself skilled enough to climb the ELO ladders in the League of Legends MMR. Remember that practice doesn’t make perfect; only perfect practice makes perfect! Losing game after game without knowing the reason of your loss means that there is absolutely nothing to gain and learn aside from just time familiarizing with your champions and builds.