Gladiator Arena Boost

Includes the Gladiator title and achievement. Brings a custom Gladiator’s mount which is unobtainable after the season ends. Only 0.5% of the player base ever earns one of these titles.

This boost to gladiator status in world of warcraft can be done in either US or EU regions, we have boosters all over the world ready to take your character to the desired rating.

Please be in  FULL current season gear before purchasing this product.


gladiator arena carry

Here we have the famous Gladiator Title which represents the peak of the arena and pvp mastery for any player in this game.

You’ll get the Gladiator Arena Title as well as the desired achievement and the mount at the end of the current season which will indicate the Gladiator Status along with the title at first sight.

Our Gladiator Arena Boosts are a little bit different than in any other place.

The same style of play is done as with any other Arena boost we’ve got in stock, although given the fact that the Gladiator Title and achievement work differently than a straight forward rating, we need to make some adjustments.

This is how it works:

Arena Gladiator has a dynamic minimum rating, this means that it changes as the season progresses, it could get higher or lower depending on the teams above and below it changing their own ratings, this means that only the top 0.5% of the players with the highest rating will get the gladiator title, mount and achievement, regardless of what the rating currently is.

Arena Boosting to Gladiator

In order for us to deliver a dynamic unknown rating what we do is get your character to the current rating that would get the gladiator title, so that means whatever that top 0.5% arena rating, we get you there.

Although as mentioned before, the rating changes as the season progresses, this could mean that the rating we deliver to you will not be enough or it will become a rank 1 title.

In the event that it is not enough then towards the end of the season our boosters will need to play your character some more in order to get the rating that’s missing for your character to get the achievements, etc.

arena gladiator mount season 2

For this we need a good communication channel between our support representatives, our boosters and most importantly you, as a customer; throughout the entire length of the season.

Arenas are a very competitive ladder where reaching the Gladiator status means that you’ve spent countless hours in the trenches fighting against thousands of opponents to reach the required level of experience and get this title.

What does it mean to be a Gladiator in World of Warcraft? To be a Gladiator means being among the most elite players in the entire game for you specific region. Gladiators are some of the most respected members of the WoW community and being one makes you instantly recognizable in game and out of game. Someone who walks around the city possessing the title “Gladiator” and even walking on one of the Gladiator mounts gets you fame and prestige among the community. It is even more noticeable now thanks to cross realm zoning which Blizzard introduced in Mists of Pandaria which made it possible for you to see other people on different realms. The envy is real for lower end players who aspire to become Gladiators, riding one of those mounts is the goal for them. Being a Gladiator means more than just having a title to wear for a single season. It means being a leader in your respective server realm and within the community. You are the one teaching lessons to lower end players and you are the one doing the infamous boosting that comes a long with it.

A gladiator arena carry and a gladiator boost in WoW means a lot to players who have been aspiring to get the mount and the title for a very long time. People try for years to get to the highest level of game play which many consider to be gladiator and above that is rank 1 competitive level. Most of the players that do gladiator arena boosts are themselves the players that you see competing in tournaments and the players that you see in competitions. They are the ones who do them because they are the most capable ones of doing it, getting boosted by the best is considered an honor for many players. Watching their favorite player and streamer playing on their account even if it’s a paid service is considered to be a privilege among the community due to the respect that the booster has. With all this being said it is not shameful at all to get a gladiator carry, it is more of a privilege that people have being boosted by their WoW idols. It saves you time and believe it or not it may even end up saving you money because the value of the mounts themselves increase over time since they become unobtainable after each season.