Glory of the Pandaria Hero Achievement

glory of the pandaria hero
Our groups will run you through every Pandaria dungeon and along the way you will start receiving achievements that lead up to the reward “Crimson Cloud Serpent” along with the “Glory of the Pandaria Hero“.

Cost: $250

The Glory of the Pandaria Hero achievement is one of the most tedious achievements that is out right now in the game! The Glory of the Pandaren hero achievement rewards one of the best Cloud Serpent mounts in the game, the Thundering Heavenly Red Cloud Serpent.

Getting all the required achievements to do this is no easy task however, since you have to get achievements from every boss in the whole Mists of Pandaria expansion! You have to go through every dungeon with a group and travel there.  Some of these dungeon achievements have the hardest mechanics in the game.

Difficult Mists of Pandaria Dungeons

glory of the pandaria

For example in Mogushan vaults on the last boss you have to dodge countless spears being launched at you while avoided the fire and lightning on the floor, that’s not all however since the very floor is booby trapped with explosives and fields of lightning t hat shoot up from the tiles.

On another boss you have to dps him and his adds down at the exact same time so that they all die together and only then can you unlock the achievement. Using the powers of you and your party members you also get a buff on this other boss in the Heart of the Swarm dungeon.

Pandaria Hero reward!

hero progress

With this buff you get access to all of your abilities classes and spells and you and your party members have to choose wisely depending on your class and spec. If you choose the wrong spell then you and the party wipe for not doing it correctly.

For you to accomplish this as quick as possible you can opt to get any powerleveling service in wow from us as you’ll be maximum level and ready to rock and get your Glory of the Pandaria Hero rewards as soon as possible. Over all this achievement takes the longest and it is the hardest in terms of time that you have to complete it on. Once you are able to complete it tho you get one of the coolest looking mounts in the game! The heavenly crimson Red Cloud Serpent.