Aatrox is a strong melee fighter that excels in 1v1 duels and in team fights. He is one of the most versatile champions in the jungle and in the top lane as he provides a good amount of damage and mobility with his Q. Dark flight which is his Q has great mobility and it can act as a gap close, escape, and damage ability. This Aatrox top guide will show you the downsides to this ability is that he can be CC’d mid flight in the animation of the ability. Read more…

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When laning as Aatrox early on in the game you have to be able to land your skillshot which is your E. You want to max your E first so that you get the most amount of pressure out in the lane. You need to use your E on cooldown to wave clear and to harass the enemy champion as much as possible. Make sure to buy a ward every time you go back to base as it can save you nearly every time. When jungle dueling with the enemy you want to max your E first then your W then your Q and of course get a point in R whenever possible. The standard combo is E>W>Q>R so they take the most damage possible and almost no champion should be able to fight you evenly when you use your full combo. Ask your jungler for help if you are falling behind and do not hesitate to go all in because your passive makes you very very strong. You can even dive the enemy at his tower and die when your passive is up. It serves as a guardian angel and the tower will lose focus of you giving you a free kill and free escape out of it.




Summoner spells are a big deal since ignite can win you the 1v1 due but teleport can sometimes win you the game. It depends on your match up, but following this guide as Aatrox, if you are fighting a strong enemy duelist like riven then you will need to take ignite to be able to win those trades. If you fight a tanky enemy like Dr. Mundo or Volibear then teleport would probably be the better option. Using teleport at bot lane and doing it correctly can get your team ahead by taking dragons and towers. Once you get out of the laning phase the team fighting and skirmishing phase will begin in the game.

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This phase usually happens at around 20 minutes or so in the game. In team fights you generally want to go all in without holding anything back. You want to go in with your Q and use your R ultimate on the whole team in order to do the most damage possible. You always want to make sure to ult the whole team because your ult does a large amount of AOE damage.