Ahri is one of the most mobile champions in the whole league of legends. She is one of the best mid laners as of season 6 right now and is also one of the most consistently strong AP mages in the game. She is an extremely mobile ranged AP mage assassin that can land catches on the enemy team and decide the game in one go. Read more…

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We will not spend your gold in this in-depth Ahri guide unless we have to buy new gems in which we will ask you permission to do that. She is one of the safest and most reliable champions in the whole game, she has solid cc, damage, and mobility. Early game you want to save your mana and only Q when you can clear the creep wave or know that it will land on the enemy. You never want to charm early on in the game because it has a high mana cost and i you miss you will be punished for it. Once you hit level six the whole game changes in your favor. You can roam bot or top and get free and easy ganks using your incredibly strong ultimate. The ultimate at level six is what makes Ahri such a strong roaming champion and duelist as well with unrivaled mobility.




Using your ultimate is what separates the bronze from the diamond Ahris. Making use of your Ultimates charges can separate one player from another greatly because of the mobility and the dash that is provides. With this Ahri LoL guide the ultimate makes you nearly un-gankable since it is basically three flashes and if you have you own flash it makes it 4 flashes. Getting a good roam at bot or top will tilt the scale to your team and the lane that you ganked favor. Once you learn to use your ult wisely depending on the champions that you are fighting your damage will also increase as your ult is a major part of your damage. Team fighting can be very hectic but Ahri excels in them, if you stay back in the team fights you can shred through their whole team in one go. Catching an ADC or an AP carry in the team fight can win the game very easily for your team. Taking out the squishy carried on the enemy team usually means that the game or at least that team fight has been won.


Roaming is the strongest part about Ahri since she is the most mobile mage in the game for short bursts, only Kassadin can rival Ahri in mobility as an AP mage and with this guide she is definitely the better of the two. When you hit level six you need to roam bot and get ganks of in the bot lane or go ahead and go get a pick off in their jungle.

The most important thing is that you track the enemy jungler as best you can. If you are going to 3 vs 2 or even better – 4 vs 2 their bot lane, then you need to make sure that their jungler doesn’t show up. This works really well if your support is a champion such as Sona or you have a jungler such as Zac or Skarner. With Sona in the bottom lane you can be sure she harassed them down to 50 – 60% of their health bar, all you need now is a charm, Q and ignite to get the first kill – and then Spirit Rush followed by Fox-Fire and an auto to finish off the second. This should then lead into a dragon and if you’re lucky + 6% damage from an inferno drake.