As of right now in season 6, Amumu is one of the strongest and most useful junglers in the entire league of legends. He brings the strongest team fighting ultimate to the game and a a good amount of AoE damage as well. He is considered to be extremely good for those reasons alone, his ganks are also some of the best in the game if you can land the skill shot that is his Q. A good jungling guide for Amumu can make or break the game entirely for you and your team! Read more…

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Team fighting as Amumu is what separates the bronze from the diamond. Once you learn to use your ultimate effectively in team fights and ganking you not only change the course of the game for yourself but you also change the course of the game for your team. Landing a 4 man or even 5 man ult nearly always ensures your teams victory when it comes to it. Snaring and stunning the enemy carries means that you will almost always win the game because you take out key members of the enemy team by yourself in a very efficient and almost assassin like manner with this Amumu guide. Once you do use the ultimate this gives and paves the way for your teams assassins and other hard carries to shred through the enemy team and win the game. You always need to have your E active as that is your main source of consistent damage and you need to land your ultimate which is your R and your Q which is your snare for some more burst damage on the enemy.




As one of the hardest champions in all of league of legends to jungle with due to his extremely weak jungle clear. You need to have the perfect runes, masteries, and the correct build path to optimize him to his fullest potential. Great Amumu guides are some of the hardest to come across by since he is not the most popular jungler as of right now. This does not mean his is the weakest! He is one of the strongest junglers in the game and has the highest amount of damage for a tank by far in the current league of legends stage. He is also one of the highest skill cap junglers to play due to him being very vulnerable to the counter invade and very early to pick off early on.


He excels in his ganks and his team fighting ability which is what you need to take advantage of and win the game for your team! Amumu has the strongest potential to wins game out of any jungler in league of legends when the meta is right. The jungle clear is very slow but he does not rely on the jungle clear in order to win the game. A great player with this amazing champion (when played right) usually has a 70% win ratio!