half heroic soo run
Half Heroic SoO Run including 7/14 heroic bosses giving you all the loot for your class and spec in master-loot mode.

Cost: $300

The Half Siege of Orgrimmar product is one of the most popular out there. This gets you half of the heroic Siege of Orgrimmar raid which is the last in the whole expansion of Mists of Pandaria.

It begins fighting a giant water boss called Immerseus. Immerseus has emerged from the depths of Pandaria, a corrupt water spirit empowered by Garrosh Hellscream. He has corrupted the water guardian Immersus with the Old God’s Blood. Immerseus used to be a guardian of the water temple in Pandaria.

Garrosh and his army seized and captured the water giant and then made him into a corrupt amalgamation of water to serve on his side. Immerseus is one of the most interesting fights in the game as he divides himself into many water globules in order to regain his strength.

This ability also makes him harder to kill since without focused dps on the certain water globules he wont die at all. The second part of this fight is when he turns into one big giant water monstrosity, when he does this all his health and power is increased by a large amount.

Most powerful Boss in Siege of Orgrimmar

Immerseus in half heroic

He has the highest health in the whole instance and is one of the strongest bosses in Pandaria lore wise.

The second fight of the instance are The Lost Protectors, these 3 Pandaren were once the protectors of all of Pandaria against forces and among some of the most elite of the Pandaren race.

One is a tank one is a healer and another is a dps. These are just 2 bosses in which consists of the half Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar run. The Lost Protectors were raised since birth to guard the land of Pandaria and become some of the strongest soldiers the Pandarens had to offer.

Using the power of the Old God’s Blood, Garrosh Hellscream corrupted and defeated all three of these protectors and made them into his slaves for all time until we defeated them in the instance.

The next big step into clearing this instance is the 11/14 heroic Siege of Orgrimmar run that we offer you to have an even wider glimpse into this magnificent instance with incredible lore packed into it and with some of the best fights in the game as we currently know it and within the foreseeable future.

*Select guilds may take certain items for their raiders.