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Why Do You Need Coaching?

If you’re not a Legend right now you probably need coaching. If you are a Legend now, then there’s always room to improve. You can always get better at what you do especially if you are not at a high level already.

All the boosters here are legends and provide Legendary Hearthstone Coaching by the hour on your time frames. You want to get Hearthstone coaching because if you’ve been struggling at a certain rank someone of that high of a level will certainly help you get over that skill hump you’ve been at.

Maybe you need to redesign your deck or just need some extra tips on how to face certain opponents. Don’t let yourself hold you back from any improvements and rewards.

Who Are The Coaches?

All of the coaching in hearthstone here is done by Innkeepers and Legends alike.

Every single one of them is hand picked from a boosting committee that we have in order to secure the best spots so that you the customer get the best possible experience that you can possibly buy.

HS coaching is becoming more popular now which is part of the reason that you may notice massive skill gaps between certain ranks. Everyone is on board learning from the best. In order to be the best you have to beat and hang with the best.

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Benefits That Last a Hearthstone Career:

If you plan on making Hearthstone your main game or if it already is then the things that you learn here could affect you for the rest of your Hearthstone career.

Coaches in Hearthstone have already achieved the highest levels and know the ins and outs of climbing the ladders. If you just need a push to help you get over that loss streak or skill gap then this is what you’d want to do.

Learn from the very best players so that you can get ahead of everyone and do anything that you want in game. There’s a reason why coaching in hearthstone is becoming so popular!

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What We Guarantee to You:

Each and every single coaching session here is done by the best players in the world and all of them are more than qualified to coach you.

If you want to get professional coaching in hearthstone you have come to the right place.

With the largest boosting and coaching network available for Hearthstone anywhere. We guarantee that you will learn something from every single lesson and that the coaching you get will be top notch.

What are you Waiting For! Get coached in Hearthstone now.

Coaching from legendary players in HS is at your fingertips, the best players in the world are here and ready to help you out whenever you want.

All the coaches in Hearthstone can play at nearly every hour of the day and adjust to your schedule.

You set the times as to when you want to get coached.

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Hearthstone Coaching Selection:

Coaches are picked separately from our boost team and are vetted to an even higher standard. We expect every coach to display a great understanding of English (or the language in which you speak fluently), display great communication skills, and express a deep understanding of the game mechanics needed to excel to a higher MMR on your own. You can expect an individualized coaching plan that takes into account your strengths, helping you to hone them, and takes into account your weaknesses, and helps to control them.

Not quite sure if you need Hearthstone coaching yet? We can fill you in the process. Okay so first of all, the coach will look at the deck you plan to use and ask you why you’ve made those card choices and plans a better layout for you (when applicable) and helps you to best balance your cards in a way that just make sense. Then the coach will walk you through every play you do, guiding you along the way. He won’t tell you what to play as with that you will never learn, but instead he will gauge your thought process in every pick you make and help to tweak and bend it so you can be the best player you can be. Some start out with an Aggro Mage whilst others do a Token Druid or Midrange Hunter first, but they can go through as many as you want.

You can expect each Hearthstone booster to have win rates up to 70% and 100’s of hours of coaching experience already under their belt even they even have a chance to coach you. Some of our coaches have wrote countless guides you can find on Google and keep a lot of their great advice and tips just for coaching sessions. Every coach will be LEGEND rank, at a minimum unlike some of our competitors.

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