You will face Archimonde the Defiler in an epic encounter that will start the events of the new Legion expansion.

All the loot for your class and spec is included with this kill.

You will get an achievement and it will be done in self-play.

No gear is required for this service.


Kill the infamous Archimonde the Defiler in the Heroic encounter of Hellfire Citadel as the final boss of the instance.

The Loot for your class and spec are included in the form of master-loot given to you.

You will perform this in a self-play mode¬†with no pilots involved, you’ll also receive an achievement for this epic kill.

No gear is required for this service.


Lying in wait for tens of thousands of years, the Defiler has waited patiently for his revenge.

Archimonde the Defiler was last and first encountered in the second invasion of the Burning Legion.

Being one of the three primary leaders of the old Draenei civilization his power was recognized by the mighty Titan Sargeras. Sargeras came up to Archimonde and his brother Kil’jaeden and offered them great power that could change them and their world in return for their service to him.


Archimonde and Kil’jaeden gladly accepted the offer thinking that they were going to help their race, but it backfired in an unexpected way to them.

The Titan Sargeras was corrupted and became full of evil and hatred towards all life. He turned both of the mighty Draenei into creatures of evil, the Eredar were born. After the transformation Archimonde did gain great power in return for his own consciousness and his own soul.

He now had the power to shatter worlds all by himself, and led armies of countless Demons that the Titan Sargeras had free’d in order to conquer the known Universe.

Archimonde went out and carried on his master’s will readily and after laying waste to countless of planets he became known as Archimonde the Defiler. The Burning Legion set their eyes on a little planet called Azeroth because of it’s power that had been given to the citizens of the Planet.

archimonde defeated

Sargeras commanded Archimonde to take over that world so he could obtain it’s power. Archimonde was up for the job and he started preparing the countless number of Demons for war once more.

He came into Azeroth and tried to destroy Nordrassil, the world tree which was the source of the immortality of the Night Elves. Archimonde, and his minions were defeated in the battle for Nordrassil many eons ago, but he has returned to confront the very people which sealed his demise at that battle.

He has returned stronger and better than the last encounter and is ready to take us out. During the second invasion of Azeroth the World Tree Nordrassil was blown up in order to just stop him.

This did not kill him however and he has tracked us out on Draenor ready to confront us so he can prepare another invasion. We must stop this evil once more as he has transcended space and time just to kill us.

Archimonde is available on Normal, and Heroic difficulties! You can head back to our main raid page for the complete carry through the Hellfire Citadel instance in Warlords of Draenor expansion.