heroic garrosh kill
A HEROIC Garrosh kill. Includes all the loot drops for your spec/class. If there is another customer in your same spec and class you will roll for the loot. Grants you an achievement and title.
*this does not include the mount, that’s why we have a kor’kron juggernaut product as well.

Cost: $250


The fall of the King

Garrosh has now been defeated by the heroes of Azeroth and is on the ground slowly dying inside and out. His pride as a mighty Orc warrior and the leader of the new Horde and as son of Hellscream has been damaged to a great extent.

The mighty Orc warrior cannot even stand after the beating that he took at the hands of the heroes of Azeroth and the Old God’s power has also left him, he is not able to lift even a finger. The other Faction leaders of the Horde and the Alliance both stare down at him; and the king of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn is about to deliver the killing blow with his sword.

Mercy from the leaders

As the blade goes down to land the finishing blow on Garrosh, another blade clashes with his. It is Voljin’s the leader of the Trolls stares at Varian while preventing his sword from killing Garrosh.

Varian asks him what the meaning of this is and Vol’jin looks at him adamantly and tells him that Garrosh must live as he has information to cleansing the land of Pandaria, and must also stand trial for the acts that he has committed.

Garrosh is tied up and he is imprisoned in the temple of the White Tiger in Pandaria. Once he sees that he cannot escape from the prison his will is broken and he has accepted his fate of inevitable death. He gets a few visitors from time to time just to question and ask why he would ever do such atrocities like the ones in Pandaria.

sylvanas windrunner

Among them is Sylvannas Windrunner, Cairne Bloodhoof, Anduin Wrynn, and a surprise mystery guest. A bronze dragon called Kairozdormu. Kairozdormu would eventually play one of the biggest parts in the whole story of Pandaria.

He is the dragon who discovered the Timeless Isle and is the one who let the heroes of Azeroth venture into it to explore it. Sylvanas Windrunner tried to assassinate Garrosh to become the new leader of the Horde but ultimately that plan failed thanks to the help of Anduin Wrynn and her sister Vareesa Windrunner, Anduin did not give Garrosh the poisoned food and drink that Sylvanas tried to give him. You can check back the full story whenever you go through a full SoO Run in Normal Difficulty Mode with the help of the best guilds in the world who have defeated the leader of the Horde themselves multiple times.

Garrosh thanked him for it and then the bronze dragon Kairozdormu went into the chamber in which he was held in abruptly. Usin his draconic powers he broke the cage and the seal that contained Garrosh and helped him escape. Kairozdormu revealed to him a new plan that would change the world.