Warlords of Draenor Tier 1 Raid: Highmaul


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Highmaul Story

As you may have probably seen already in the Lords of War films; Kargath is one of the most sadist orcs to have ever lived, filled with hate and anger, he’s the warchief of the Shattered Hands clan after slaying his master that kept him as a slave despite offering him freedom by killing fellow orcs as a gladiator for entertainment.

Kargath first boss of the instance

He cut his hand and replaced it with a scythe and that’s how the famous clan was named and born.

After leading this clan Kargath became an extremely powerful warlord that made appearances in outlands as a boss in hellfire citadel; one of the dungeons in Hellfire for The Burning Crusade expansion which is definitely something we all remember, and is now back in the Emerald Nightmare when the Legion came back!.

He makes another appearance in Draenor as the first boss of Highmaul in all the difficulty modes and is definitely one of the toughest bosses out there to slay in order to move on with the story line.

Ogre Civilization

Highmaul shows you the peak of the ogre civilization and how they used to run things before everything went down, you will encounter many different bosses, npcs, locations as well as story within this instance that shares the tier 17 content along with Blackrock Foundry in Warlords of Draenor.

You will see things like this:

highmaul artowork from one of the bossesRoaming around the corridors of this high end raid; however it’s been said that this raid will resemble Firelands in the layout which is a raid in Cataclysm, one of the previous expansions.

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