7/7 Full Highmaul Heroic Carry

Clear the entire instance of Highmaul in Heroic Difficulty

Choose if you want to self-play with some of the best guilds in the world or not

You can also select the loot if you want it Master Loot (all the loot for your spec), Personal or No Loot

herioc highmaul overview

Step into the HEROIC difficulty mode for the Highmaul raid, which will feature 7 bosses of pure destruction.

One step above the already challenging normal mode will set you apart from the raiding world as it will most definitely require your entire guild and raid-group to be extremely skilled and knowledgeable of each and every single one of the fights as the smallest mistake will trigger a raid-wipe.

This comes with a price however as the entire instance is flourishing with amazing gear that will increase your item level by huge amounts, it will definitely be a massive step-up from the heroic dungeon gear or the epic level crafted items (if you were rich enough to afford those).

The Heroic City of the Ogres instance

Highmaul is the city of the Ogres that would enslave Orcs for the excitement of the battles that they would force them to perform for pure entertainment.

An entire clan of Orcs were enslaved and forced to fight as warrior gladiators in arena matches to the death, sometimes against themselves and sometimes against all sorts of creatures providing the Ogres the satisfaction for their insatiable blood thirst and gore hunger.

taking highmaul

These mighty creatures would test the limits of the strength and will of these Orcs until the slaves couldn’t take it any longer and with the leadership of the most powerful warrior Kargath Bladefist they rebelled against their masters and killed their Ogre leader marking a new beginning for the clan of Orcs as free warriors.

All of the Orcs now formed the clan “Bladefist” and you will find their mightiest warrior at the very start of the Heroic Highmaul instance as one of the fiercest challenges that this raid has to offer.

You will find, none other than Kargath Bladefist at the entrance of Highmaul, whom bravely cut his own hand to escape the chains of his imprisonment and then cut the head of the war overlord who kept him captive for many years.