7/7 Full Highmaul Mythic Carry

Raid with the top-end guilds in the Highmaul instance to get some of the best gear in the game.

Choose if you want a self-play for a real hands on experience or if you want your character to be piloted by our top end raiders. Select the loot options which will be Master Loot (all the gear for your spec) or No Loot (boss kills and achievements only).

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Throughout hundreds if not thousands of years the Ogre civilization had enslaved the Orcs for their amusement as well as their labor.

The common entertainment practice was to force them to fight for their lives and for empty freedom promises.

It was said that once an Orc had killed 100 other Orcs in battle, then they would earn their freedom and not before.

The Ogres of the mythic city of Highmaul didn’t think that there would ever be such a mighty warrior that would ever achieve such fear in their arena. Which is why they never had to deal with the consequences.

The Mythic Orc Kargath

Until one day, deep in the dungeons of Highmaul a powerful warrior, a mighty Orc stepped into the arena, he was given the same offering as every other Orc although this one had a conviction to be free, more than anyone ever had.

After trying to escape from the dungeons of the Ogre city this Orc named Kargath was given the threat of death if he would decline to fight.

So he did, he fought every single Orc they challenged him with until one day he reached the Orc #99.

Locked inside Highmaul’s Dungeons Again

mythic warrior kargath

By then he was forced to fight against an armored and very experienced armed foe with nothing but a broken blade; and when he did that…. he won.

This didn’t please the Ogres one bit because they weren’t prepared for someone that would actually accomplish this feat so they chained him again.

The mighty Kargath ended up cutting his own hand to free himself, and after replacing it with a blade, he ended up rebelling against the entire Highmaul Coliseum and he was then the leader of the Bladefist clan, the rest of the Orcs trapped within Highmaul Coliseum’s dungeons.

You can read more about the warlords of the Gorian Empire when you head over to the story of Imperator Mar’gok and his mighty and destructive magic that empowered him to become the leader of the Ogres and the ruler of the entire city of Highmaul.