7/7 Highmaul Normal Mode Carry

Get all the bosses down in normal difficulty while choosing

if you want self-play, piloted and if you want

Master-Loot which will give you all the loot for your spec

Personal Loot or No Loot

normal highmaul carry

Highmaul is a place where in Draenor the Ogre civilization has made their home and much more.

You will encounter in this normal difficulty dungeon nothing else but challenge and incredible powers that lie ahead in the Ogre city of the ancient Draenor.

In here some of the fiercest Ogre as well as Orc warriors will face you in battle and will definitely propose a threat to your party.

In the quest to stop the atrocities and the invasion from the Iron Horde we are required to enter this forsaken city and destroy everything that is being done there to put a stop on the malicious plans that the Iron Horde along with the Highmaul Orc city have been working on.

In Normal Highmaul you’ll find incredible challenges although it’s also a step for you and your team to enter and gear up for the bigger challenges such as Heroic Highmaul.

The first obstacle in the instance is the Orc Warlord of Kargath Bladefist which will challenge you in his own arena and make you fight for your life in order to get entrance to the savage city that is Highmaul.

Kargath Bladefist was a warrior that was used by the Ogres for their own amusement as he would be forced to fight countless battles for sport, and then tortured to push the limits of his strength and will.

Once he had enough of it, he decided to cut his own hand to break free and thus inspire the other slave warriors to do the same in order to gain their freedom.

Kargath Bladefist in Normal Highmaul

He became their master and overlord when he cut the head of the lead of the Ogres in an attempt to free his entire warrior clan.

This is only the starting step in Highmaul as after Kargath Bladefist you’ll encounter more and more challenges along with harder and harder fights as the difficulty steps get higher into Heroic and even Mythic modes.

Prepare for battle in the first instance of Warlords of Draenor.