Heroic Imperator Mar’Gok Kill

Kill the Imperator Mar’Gok at his throne in Heroic Difficulty to get the achievements and some of the best gear in the game currently.

This will prepare you for Black Rock Foundry and set you well on your way to kill every boss in Mythic difficulty as well.

margok heroic

The next step in Normal Progression is obviously Heroic Mode raid instances. And as such an instance here we have the end-boss which is Imperator Mar’Gok, a creature who mastered his abilities and refined them to much that he became the most powerful Ogre mage that had ever existed.

He is also classified as one of the most powerful arcane mages within Draenor, a world conquered by the Draenei race, the Ogres and the Orcs.

The imperator is the ruler of the entire Gorian empire and he also overlooks the heroic highmaul coliseum, although it’s said that he only ever attends the battles when there is a legendary battle about to take place.

The end boss of this instance will give you many achievements in which you will find the “Ahead of the Curve” achievement that everyone desires as it marks that your progression as a player and the progression of your guild is way above the average guild and player in the world.

Mar’Gok the ruler of the Mighty Gorian Empire

Heroic Highmaul and especially Heroic Imperator Mar’Gok are definitely among the fiercest challenges that you will find within this expansion.

heroic encounter with margok

Imperator requires extreme coordination as the fight itself is one of the hardest in the game as of yet, you are required to trust your team as well as making sure that one of your mistakes doesn’t cause a wipe, which would be catastrophic for the raid progression of your guild. Turning it into one of the most skillful battles in the whole game and not just this current expansion.

For such a reason, if you want to get the end-game gear that is well desired for many people, we have created this product to aid in the gearing process as well as the achievement process that will set you well on your ways to demolish the next raid-instance that is available; which will most likely be Blackrock Foundry, a raid instance where the Orc warlord Blackhand will stand in his throne overlooking the fights and preparing to receive you in the last chambers of the huge foundry.