Mythic Imperator Mar’Gok Kill

Get the highest level achievement and gear from the Imperator Mar’Gok in the hardest difficulty mode which is the Mythic Difficulty.

This is the end boss of the instance which will award you with some of the best gear in the game for your character.

Nothing compares to having the achievements and the gear like this.

margok mythic

The mighty mythic Imperator Mar’Gok awaits you as the last boss and chief of the Highmaul raid instance. With his powerful Arcane powers he will threaten your raid group like no other and will be a milestone for any guild in the world who ever attempts to challenge him let alone to ever defeat him.

The strategy for this boss is like no other, because of the length of the fight as well as the incredible skill that is required to accomplish such a feat. It’s been talked to about all over Azeroth about the myths and legends of killing such a difficult boss at the end of an instance.

Powers from the rune magical arcane stones give power to the ruler of the Gorian Empire and the overseer of the mythic Highmaul Coliseum; a place where enslaved Orcs were forced to fight for their lives for centuries as entertainment for the powerful Ogres.

If you compare this mythic version of Imperator Mar’gok to the heroic version you will see lots of similarities but also tons of differences that are not limited to the increased power in his abilities and the increased health that it gains.

Empowered Imperator Mar’Gok

The ruler of the Gorian Empire has new and even more powerful abilities and his old abilities are a lot more powerful than ever before with some changes in how they behave in combat; not only that but the fight itself has another challenger which is Cho’gall, as Mar’Gok calls him a “Traitorous Scum” when he is imprisoned by a field of dark magic. Then the power of the stones is channeled through Mar’gok by Cho’gall and this kills Mar’gok in the process. This new foe wants to bring the infinite night to the world.

margoks powerful gorian empire

Secrets and incredible destructive power is the only thing that Cho’gall wants for the world as he desires to be the “unmaking”, as believed to be his purpose in life, to end all life.

It is your duty as a hero of Azeroth to stop him right then and there and prevent a complete annihilation of Draenor and of the rest of the universe as we know it.

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