Normal Imperator Mar’Gok Kill

Get to kill the Highmaul’s last boss Impeator Mar’Gok in Normal Mode

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margok normal

The most powerful Arcane mage from the entire Ogre civilization as well as one of the most powerful Arcane mages in Draenor stands on his throne overseeing the Gorian empire as well as participating in the Highmaul Coliseum whenever there’s a legendary battle taking place.

The true master of and empowerment of the magic arcane stones, Imperator Mar’gok is the last challenge and boss of the normal Highmaul raid instance.

Normal Mode Imperator Mar’Gok

This is the corner stone and end of your average progression which means that you are ready to battle against the heroic Highmaul entirely, Imperator drops the end-game loot for the normal mode progression raiders who are ready to move forward with their raiding path through heroic and even mythic.

A true challenge is presented to our raiders in this normal mode Highmaul as the raid instance ends with this mighty foe that will do everything within his power to stop you from clearing and conquering Highmaul.

normal margok

Getting the gear from this boss as well as the achievements represents that you as well as your raid-team are ready to tackle even more challenging fights within the same instance but in a different mode such as the heroic version of Highmaul; which will present you with the same bosses but a lot more powerful and a lot more challenging for the ongoing raider.

End Game for the beginning of Warlords of Draenor

As the opening raid instance of Warlords of Draenor this has got to show you the true power and complexity of the raids to come within this expansion, it’s a true representation of how much you have to push yourself and your team in order to stay alive within the current expansion as it moves on through the content to be unfold in the near future.

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