Trying to get a safe and secure Heroes of the Storm boost? If you want to get boosted by tournament level players or even just the highest players on the ladder then you can look no further.

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Hots boosting is here and now:


  • Fully Secured
  • Pro Boosters
  • Exceptional Win Rate
  • No Requirements

Hots boost benefits:

  • Hots boosts come with so many more benefits than other games boosting.
  • This is mainly due to the way that the hots system is.
  • Not only will you get whatever rank you want to get but you’ll also get skins, currency and even unlock more champions.
  • Every single time that you purchase a boost you will obviously go up in rank and since you are winning games you are winning coins and doing the daily challenges which also award things So there are more benefits to boosting in hots that most people usually forget about aside from the ranked boost that your’re clearly going to get.

Boosting in HOTS will get you:

Skins: Let’s Talk about the skins that you can get from a heroes of the storm boost.

There are many type of boosts in heroes of the storm but the most common one is the ranked tier one.

The ranked tier boosting always takes longer than anything else and will always yield the most side rewards.

Skins and mount skins are always cool things that you can pick up as a side thing from boosts, along the way you’ll rack up a lot of points.

With the points not only can you buy skins but also heroes for future games as well.

The skins that you get vary from regular skins or even during promotionals we can get you skins that are pretty cool such as the firesaber that happened not so long ago.

Mount skins and rewards are also obtained from boosting from the end of season rewards that you get. The benefits of boosting in HOTS are endless nearly.

heroes of the storm duo queue rating
solo queue in hots high rated

Unique Account security while Boosting

Who are the boosters? The boosters here are hand picked and they are hand picked by a council of other high end players which is made up of current competitive tournament players.

Each and every single booster that applies here to boost for hots goes through an intense trial period in which they prove their worth to us so that you can get the best experience possible.

Rating boosts in hots cannot be accomplished by anyone so we make sure to reject every lower tier player that applies. We only accept masters and grand masters here for very good reasons. Heroes of the storm boosting is something that isn’t looked down upon like other games such as LoL or Dota since hots is a completely different game and the competitive scene is much different there.

We guarantee your account safety and security here as it is our number one priority above all else even the boost or anything else that you have purchased. Every single booster is trained into using a VPN which masks their IP so you don’t appear on any radar at all.

Advanced members area:

Every Heroes of the Storm boost order will be services by a variety of unique features that have been recently introduced by our custom member’s area. Each individual order will contain a page where you can access information on your boost order, chat with your booster live, enter the name of a certain booster to reserve them, submit a request for a refund, and upgrade new options for your boost.

We have built a highly complex custom backend with extensive security features that protect you from companies like Blizzard that may have an interest in knowing you are getting boosted. You need not worry about your data with a custom member’s area as your private data will be heavily protected. We are constantly working with our developers to keep our member’s area up to date with new features and security patches.

heroes of the storm duo queue rating
solo queue in hots high rated

Affordable & Adaptive Pricing

Our Heroes of the Storm pricing is subject to daily changes. When a Heroes of the Storm update comes out we have our team of developers update our calculators with brand new pricing that takes into account the updates changes to gameplay. We change all of our Heroes of the Storm products including: Hero Boost, Wins Boost, Duo Boost, Placement Matches, Leveling, and Coaching. Heroes of the Storms has frequent updates with new heroes, new items, new gameplay, etc. We always make sure our pricing is affordable and the most competitive in the market. Contact us via Live Chat for new coupons!


Coaches for Heroes of the Storm are selected from a very select few elite players from the top 500+ of players in the game. Each coach will be your personal hero and will speak your language fluently.

heroes of the storm duo queue rating