We have the number one stash of custom and pre made hots accounts anywhere? From the very first day hots was released we started amassing a stash bigger than anyone else.

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Purchase a Heroes of the Storm account for sale here:


  • Unranked Account
  • No Requirements
  • Manually Leveled


  • Unranked Account
  • 10 Placement Games
  • No Requirements
  • Manually Leveled

What are the benefits of an account?

  • Aside from the obvious benefits like you having your own account there are other benefits such as you not having to tank your rating and doing testing on your main if you get a smurf.
  • Heroes of the storm accounts for sale are scarce since the game is not the size of other mobas like league or dota.
  • So you need to find the most reputable and the most reliable vendor out there.
  • Elitist Gaming has been doing boosting and account sales for over 5 years which makes us one of the best sources for it.
  • If you want to buy a hots account this is the place to be at.

Get your HOTS Account Here:

Types of accounts: The type of account that we sell here is basically.

Anything that you want. You can choose from our custom made accounts or our pre made unranked level 30 accounts.

You can even get a hots account for sale that is custom tailored to your wants and needs. That means you can pick how many heroes the account has and can even get it to something specific like what type of heroes and certain skins and even a certain rank.

We have the largest amount of heroes of the storm accounts for sale here so you don’t have to be conservative about asking us anything!

smurf account in heroes of the storm
account for hots plus placements

Smurfs For Sale Check our Stash

How secure are these accounts? Account security is something that we value here above all else.

Every single account that you see up for sale here is something that has undergone background checks of not only the vendor but of the actual account itself.

We check the history of the account and how many owners it has gone through before we go out and distribute them our selves. We provide account delivery within 24 hours every single time after purchase for the custom made ones.

The pre made ones are instantly delivered to you so that you can go ahead and start playing on them right away. If you want to get a smurf in hots the pre made option is the one that you want to go with since it’s instant delivery and you can do whatever you want with it.