Trying to get the best Hots coach anywhere? If you want grandmaster coaches and don’t want to settle for anything else then you don’t have to anymore.

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Get coached by the Grandmasters now:


  • 1 Hour
  • Skype Required
  • Pro Lessons


  • 2 Hours
  • Skype Required
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  • 3 Hours
  • Skype Required
  • Pro Lessons
  • VIP Package

What are the benefits?

  • The first clear benefit is that you are improving you gameplay from getting the hots training that you’ve paid for.
  • Heroes of the Storm coaching is an investment that’s in you, not your account or anything else.
  • You are the most important thing that you can invest on.
  • If your account gets banned for whatever reason in the future or if anything else happens as to you wanting to climb the ladders then the coaching will help you get past that skill gap you’ve been stuck on.


The Coaches: Every single hots coaching session is jam packed with all and any information that you’d want to learn. We make sure to provide the best coaches around so that they are able to answer all your questions and meet your expectations.

That is the main thing here when it comes to hots coaching, providing quality coaching sessions by the hours and improving your game play to take you to the next level in your career.

All of the coaches are hand picked by other Grandmasters to make sure that they are qualified to teach in hots and give you proper lessons in hots.

We only provide the highest level of coaches for you so that you get the best experience possible.

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Coaching in Heroes of the Storm will get you higher ranks

What do the lessons consist of? Coaching lessons in HOTS can consist of many things.

We start off by assessing your skill level and taking a look around in your profile to see what would be the possible route for you to go on. We do this to prevent any judgement and to not waste any time so that we get a good grip of what and where you want to be at.

After that is done the coaches go into an unranked or bot game with you so that they can actually see you play and get an even better grip of what you need to work on. Throughout the game they will be criticizing you and helping you improve your gameplay quite literally on the spot.

Throughout the session you can ask them any question and ask them what to do so that you can increase your gameplay even further. At the end of the session they will give you an overview and also point out mistakes that you did throughout to help you improve even more.

HoTS Coach Selection:

We pick coaches exclusively from our sprawling boosters list and take extreme care in keeping them to a certain quality standard. We take great pride in ensuring every one of our HOTS boosters displays a great ability to communicate necessary game mechanics and tips, fluently speak the language of the client, and meets a certain minimum rank requirement’s. We ensure our coaches develop a coaching plan that individualized to your needs. Your strengths, weaknesses, and anything in-between will be heavily analyzed and a proper plan of action will be developed between you and coach.

You can expect your Heroes of the Storm coach to have extensive experience in the game, probably over 1000 hours, and to mostly play HOTS exclusively. He may have countless guides you can find via search engine, but much of his tips and tricks are kept private for private coaching lessons. We try our best to get you a coach with top 250 MMR.

We have hundreds of full time HOTS coaches. Some are even full time now. Want a Grandmaster that specializes in mostly Assassin’s? Or a hero like Falstad? We can find It for you. We have been working hard on customized coaching setups as well as boosts since 2013. We will find the perfect coach for you based on your needs and wants. We can offer both solo coaching as well as team coaching. Solo coaching includes 1 v 1 matchups designed to highlight your strength’s and locate your weaknesses to help correct them. In team coaching we focus on team composition and tactics per every HOTS map. We help you through mastering win conditions and proper drafting.

We can do replay analysis with you and our coaches will communicate with you in game via voice or text, whatever your preference is. We will ensure your satisfaction with the booster and any customized plans you need just let us know via live chat or email support support@elitist-gaming.com

did you get your hots lessons