So how does this work? Great question! How it works depends on the product that you get of course! For pve products which are our most popular the process is very simple. After you purchase you get assigned to a group or guild which will do the run for you.

The run can be piloted or it can be self play depending on what package you choose. If the run is piloted most guilds or groups do offer private streams and they do allow you to watch your character being ran from the comfort of your house or on the go on your mobile device!

Here is the breakdown of the process:

  1. Order leave your btag in the notes
  2. Get contacted by one of our carriers in game
  3. Show up for the run that the carrier tells you
  4. Get ran through the raid or dungeon and get loot!
  • For self plays the guild adds you in game via battletag and gets you scheduled there. They do raid on their times so you are expected to meet the guild times.
  • If you can’t make the times just ask for a reschedule or a piloted run(it’s free).
  1. Order and leave your skype or btag in the notes for piloted products.
  2. Wait for contact on Skype or in Btag from your assigned booster.
  3. For self plays show up on the assigned dates and times & get boosted!
  4. For pilots give your account info and wait to get boosted!
  5. You may need some honor levels for higher end carries like 2400 rbg and Gladiator in arena.
  6. Try and be somewhat geared for high end carries like 2400 rbg and Gladiator.
  7. For piloted carries our boosters will only ask for your log in and pass never anything else.

This is due to the fact that as the higher the rating goes up the higher the skill level cut off goes up. The boosters pilot it because they are all rank 1 and gladiator. They can beat anyone at any given rating and they can boost up to 3k rating even!

Our boosters have competed at tournaments, been to MLG, and won Blizzcon. We only hire the highest quality to ensure that your boost gets complete. That is how pvp and pve works on the site!

What is Boosting? Boosting is a term and action that has been highly controversial since it was first conceived of and start in the mid 2000’s. What it basically is, is you paying for a service in which you hand over your account so that a more skilled player can get what you want. This is what its most commonly used for, competitive ranked play in any game. There are other things like power leveling in games which also fall under that category despite it not being in competitive play. We all have done it at some point or another even if we didnt think of it as such. Letting your wife, kids, or siblings play on your account while you were away to farm something in the game is considered being boosted. You just didnt pay for it and have it done “professionally” by a company! Boosting will always be around as long as people play games and as long as others are willing to pay for the services. The controversy around boosting is that it damages the surrounding community.

For example when a player of a higher skill level plays in the lower brackets its natural for them to stomp them and most of the time single handedly win the game for the whole team. This happens most frequently in MOBA’S like league of legends and Dota 2 where 1 player can change the course of the game almost all the time. These people are what are called boosters, boosters do have large impacts on games as stated before but nowhere near the amount as others make it out to be. A well formed team of players even in lower brackets of whatever game you are playing on can overcome a single person boosting someones account even if they are extremely powerful in the game. The problem comes when it is an entire team of boosters fighting against noobs, then it becomes unfair and that is certainly something we dont support here.

All of our boosters only play by themselves in games like league of legends, dota 2 and other team based games. Another big thing surrounding boosting is the treat of your account being compromised, which is one of the most false rumors out there. Here at Elitist Gaming we only hire reputable boosters meaning that they are competitive players on professional teams of at the very top of the ladder and nothing less. We only accept the best boosters around to ensure that everyone gets a quality boost.