Out of all the MOBA games out there, League of Legends is probably the most popular. There are people playing all over the world, and the diversity of the game is basically unmatched.

Like any other online game, LoL is incredibly competitive. To some extent, this is good. You’re surrounded by people who are hungry for a win so you are forced to constantly hone your skills. That being said, the desire to win can also bring toxicity. It’s a team game, after all, so there are always teammates who are taking it lightly or haven’t spent as much time developing their skills. This can make those highly-competitive players upset.

That being said, there’s a fine line between getting upset and becoming toxic. The developers of the game have since taken measures to ban toxic players, so if you don’t want to be banned, you need to know how to keep yourself from becoming a toxic player. Here’s what you should do:

Cool off between games

If you’ve just lost a bad game and feel the anger rising, take some time to cool off before entering matchmaking for the next round. You could grab a snack, take a short walk, or even watch Twitch streams and YouTube videos for a short while. This will give you the mental break and cooling off period that you need to start the next match in a better mood. If you’ve been winning the past few games and are on a confidence high, it’s fine to keep playing, but make sure you take a break if you’re starting to get frustrated. It’s mostly a matter of being conscious and aware of your own attitude so that you can drink some water to dilute the saltiness when you feel it coming on.

Play with friends

Get on a voice call with your friend on Discord, Teamspeak or whatever your chosen method of game communication is and have a friend keep you company as you play. Whether they play with you or not, ranting about the game to your friend is a great way to relieve some of the pressure and it won’t get you banned. It may even make a terrible game experience a fun one. Do keep in mind that if you are playing with your friend, play with someone who isn’t too hotheaded and won’t get toxic before you do. It’s great if you’ve got someone to play with who is incredibly relaxed and can make the gaming experience a fun one. It’ll be easier to keep your cool and know that you’re playing and talking with a friend who’s just there to have fun with you.

Stream online

If you don’t happen to have a friend to play with, consider streaming your gameplay online on Twitch or YouTube. You probably won’t have that many viewers, to begin with, but you’ll be able to talk to yourself and vent your frustrations freely without feeling the need to bash others in-game. Plus, who knows – you may find a new side hustle that can bring in some cash!

It’s also a great way to look over your gameplay again to see what you could have done better and what you can improve on. You can even compile fail, funny, or amazing moments and upload them on social media accounts or YouTube for your friends to see!

Type and backspace

This is really a last resort, but you could give it a try if nothing else does the job. If you feel like you have to blow off some steam, type what you were going to say. Then, take a breath and erase it. This way, you won’t be blowing up to other people in the game chat but you’ll psychologically be releasing the pressure by typing it out. You get to say what you wanted to say but you won’t be hurting someone’s feelings or getting yourself banned. This may work, but you’ll have to exercise your self-control muscle in order to keep from pushing enter.

After you’ve pressed enter on an angry in-game rant, there’s no going back. Your fumbling teammate isn’t immediately going to be playing better. In fact, they’ll probably be playing worse. You’re also putting yourself at risk of being banned and making yourself known as a toxic player, which won’t do any good.

Even if someone else provokes you, learn to control yourself and don’t fight back. If they keep pushing your buttons, mute and report them and let the game take care of the rest. Blowing up at them won’t help the situation at all.

In conclusion

When it all comes down to it, League of Legends is just a game. It’s a great way to rewind and enjoy time having fun while playing video games. You wouldn’t want to ruin the enjoyable experience for someone else, would you? If someone on your team isn’t playing well, don’t assume they’re doing it on purpose. Perhaps they’re new to the game. Perhaps it’s an off day. Perhaps they’re just looking for a way to escape from the troubles of daily life. Be patient and considerate to them – not just to keep from getting banned, but to make the whole game experience more enjoyable for everyone. Once an angry string of text is followed by an enter key, there’s no going back.

On any competitive online game, there will be toxic players. Don’t be one of them.

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