This part can easily be summarized into “dedication” and end the blog right here. However I won’t because people for some reason don’t understand what that means.

The easiest way to understand it is simply “time” all you have to do is put in the time, for everything that you’re trying to accomplish, this is not exclusive to league of legends, this works for everything.

An old but famous saying says that “you need 10000 hours practicing something before you can be called a professional” and that’s entirely true, when you think about it, what separates you from the other guys is just time.
Let’s do the math here real quick, to become a professional or a challenger player (although to achieve a challenger player you need about half as much time) you need to practice your craft for:

6 hours a day for 7 days a week for 4 weeks for 12 months turns out to be: 2016 hours, and you need about 5000 for a challenger tier, which is half of what any other “pro” in anything else needs.

So you are looking at 2 years and a half of playing every single day for at least 6 hours to achieve what others have already done, which is just becoming a pro player, or at least a challenger player that gets all the recognition that they deserve at the highest ELO in League of Legends possible.

Now imagine that for 6 hours a day you would practice every single strategy that you read (which you should do because you read the previous blog) and then keep on perfecting your skills and your reflexes in order to become the greatest.

You will be sure that in that time you’ve practiced for so long that everything there is to know about the game you already know it, you’ve already practiced it, and it’s already second nature to you to apply it in every single situation imaginable.

Stay tuned for part 3 in which we will talk about the motivation and the drive that gets someone to become what they wish.