We’ve come to the part in which you realize where champions are made. What separates the men from the boys and what makes someone become the best version of themselves.

This is truly what it comes down to, this is the end all be all of becoming a challenger or any pro in anything for that matter.

You gotta have that mindset, that hardcore pro mindset where you don’t give up, you see a dream and you go for it, you reach out for it and you keep trying.

It doesn’t matter how much you fall, you get back up and you do not give up, you just keep on going; over and over and over and over and over and over again, until you become the best, not top 5, not top 3, the best; only the best, that’s what counts.

The majority of people go through life getting carried away, they get told what to do, family, friends just tell them what to do and they can’t think for themselves and when time comes and they have to make their own decisions… they fail, because they aren’t ready for it.

They don’t know how to pick themselves up, climb back up and start to grind. Are you ready for it? Do you have what it takes?

It’s one thing to look at a game and see someone playing on the top level and thinking “I can do that too” and another entirely different thing to sit down and do it yourself; most of the time you don’t even understand what is going on in what you’re watching.

You don’t go from zero to hero overnight. You MUST have what it takes, and what it takes is not crazy fast reactions or unbelievable skills with clutch movement after clutch movement, what it takes is the mindset to improve, to never give up, to stand up whenever you fall and keep on going, it’s about reaching for the stars, while you’re standing with your feet on the ground; that’s when you reach big things.

It has to come from you, it doesn’t come from anyone else, not your team, not your enemies, no one else aside from you, and this is about you and you alone.

Keep in tune so you can apply the mindset of a pro sports player into the game of League of Legends to each the highest ELO possible, and you start to change ie Professional LoL Coaching (yes).

You are the deciding factor in winning the majority of your games, statistic prove this because players who have good KDA’s in their respective roles always tend to win far more games than players who have lower KDA’s. You should not strive to be the carried within the team but instead you should strive to be the carry. Carrying is the key role into getting out of whatever elo hell you are stuck in and will always prove to be the best possible outcome for you. Nothing is better than improving yourself to a level in which you can go inside the game and decimate your lane while helping other lanes, being the sole deciding factor in every single game that you play in. That’s what it is going to take for you to have a breakthrough in this game. You can do it because others have done it too.

And tomorrow in part 4 we will talk about how to expand and apply everything that a coach tells you into the game and how to learn from it faster than anyone else.