As we progress in this series we will cover many different subjects of mentality and how to prepare yourself because I believe that the guides are out there and that if you want to know something specific, you’ll find it; I don’t want to say technical because that sounds strange but that’s the reality.

So now let’s apply what someone playing a professional sport or aspiring to become a professional would do in order to reach their full potential in the least amount of time.

Luckily you are not the first one to ever attempt this and by far not the only one that has gone through all the hardships and all the determination to accomplish it.

Which is why there are these mystical creatures that will help you get where you want to get, that will tell you specifically what to do, in which areas of your game to work in order to improve.

Yes that’s right, I’m talking about professional League of Legends coaches, think Korean, you very well know that they have gaming houses in which they literally train players non-stop so that they can become the absolute bests, like machines.

Do you think you can do that? I mean if you had the time and everything set up properly, do you think you could replicate that? Well of course! They have nothing different from you aside from one single thing that we covered in part 3, they’ve got determination!

League of Legends coaches will take you where you’ve always wanted to be, they will tell you where your mistakes are the second you show them what you’ve got and this is the best thing ever to improve, they will even tell you specific guides or things to work on and follow as a training program, just like you would get if you were to play basketball or any other sport that as a baseline has coaches working with their teams.

Heck, even in the pro-leagues the coaches are still there, surely they aren’t getting all the glory but you can bet that they are the cause of the success of the players, being League of Legends or any other sport in the world!