Hey don’t think I left you! I’m still here to bring you the reality of what it takes to become a challenger player, coming from… you guessed it… a challenger player.

So you’ve gone through the motivation process, you know what it takes, you’ve decided that you will dedicate so much time a day into this because you truly believe this to be your calling in life; you’ve also received your first lessons with a League of Legends coach that teaches you things you didn’t even thought about before! Now it’s the time, now is when you fight, this is when you train!

And… you went back to the same place you started in…

But not all hope is lost! (yet).

So let me tell you why you lost motivation and lacked dedication that you thought you had already.

The reason is very simple, lack of planned discipline, this is something that among each and every single league of legends player in every ELO range you can imagine affects them. And the reason is that you’ve got no sense of responsibility towards anyone to play the best you can and to train instead of just playing to have fun.

What you have to do is this: set a realistic schedule to play every day, remember consistency here, nothing else, consistency beats huge sessions. And in that schedule just set 1-2 hours a day.

Remember what you read in part 2, you need far more for this but let’s start small and then get bigger and stronger.

After you’ve done this and you feel that you can achieve 1-2 hours of maximum concentration then it’s time to increase the time playing League of Legends at your current MMR / ELO by 30 more minutes, and when you feel comfortable then go again, and again, and you keep doing this until you can play for extended periods of time consistently every single day and you won’t lose concentration at all.

That’s the key to plan ahead of time instead of just motivating yourself with absolutely no realistic plan of action for you to take to become a challenger player!