For this we’re looking at many different things, although you will find a common trend that will run across this article and you will understand what we mean when we tell you that this should be the one thing you should pay the most attention to.

So to begin what you need to do is obviously read every single guide you can possibly find in the face of this planet for everything you can think of, lanes, playstyle, your champion, general guides, how to’s of you vs certain champion at certain lanes; everything!

You will be put into what’s called information overflow, and you will think that you’re learning a lot of theory but in reality you’re not putting it into practice.

This is when stage 2 comes into play and you shall dominate your champion like no other, as you read guides, what you ABSOLUTELY MUST do is put them into practice, so whenever you read something new, make sure that you practice that specifically at least for 20 games…

Yes that’s a lot of games, but bear with me, you’ll soon see why. (I might split this guide into different parts because it will be just way too long for me to cover everything in 1 go).

Diamond 1 How to Guide

What you want to do is simply make sure that your subconscious learns what your conscious mind was just trying to learn.

For this we’re looking at tons of practice and dedication that will ensure that you absolutely learn and get these new abilities into second nature for split second decisions that will change the way you play in ways you would have never deemed imaginable.

Keep in mind that every single guide that you read you must put at least 20 games into it, practicing specifically what you read and what you just learned, and 20 games is the absolute minimum, there’s no other way in which your lol rating will raise and you will become a true diamond 1 or a challenger.

I’ve decided I’ll do this in parts so you get something to read every day, stay tuned for tomorrow’s part 2.