get in the zone for high elo league of legends

Hey there summoners! So this is something that some of you might just ignore and dive right into the games with no preparation.

Which is fine… if you want to progress like a snail. And I believe you don’t want to do that, I’d guess you want to reach Diamond 1 as fast as possible and not spend 2 years in silver or gold.

As an athlete since I was a kid, and a competitive one, the most important thing was to have confidence in what I was doing, I noticed that when hesitation would kick in, I would underperform, and this I’m talking about sports in which you must have ninja-like reflexes.

Not only that but you HAD to eat properly in order to feed your body the necessary nutrients before you would actually perform, I remember the huge difference I noticed when I started eating properly and healthy to make my body and brain perform better.

I can assure you that your brain performs better because the sport I practice requires a lot of focus and mental dexterity.

It’s the exact same thing for League of Legends if you want to reach that super high ELO, you must get into the “zone” and focus during the entire games, trust me this is the key thing.

Ignore the chat, just be aware and play at your best, at what you know you can play, to do this stop playing music, or if you do, then play it at a volume in which you can barely listen to the lyrics, you must be absolutely focused.

And whenever you start to feel that your concentration starts to drop and you make mistakes, then take a break, eat well, rest and then go at it again.

Keep in mind that you’re not programmed to play for 8 hours straight, and as mentioned before you should play for 4-5 hours a day to get good.

So what you can do is split these 2 sessions because if you don’t what you will end up doing is be completely exhausted (even mentally exhausted) and then perform badly.

The problem doesn’t end with you performing badly, it’s the fact that as creatures of habits you will end up getting bad habits because you are playing badly, due to playing while tired, so please avoid this at all costs!

Being in the zone is something that extends past League of Legends or elo boosting itself. It is something that we all feel at some point playing any sort of game or sport whether it is e-sports or real life everyone experiences it. It is something that has been described by most people as extreme focus of your game play in league of legends. In order to be in the zone you have to reach a certain skill level and the right conditions have to be met as well so that you can enter the zone at will whenever you want. Entering the zone requires two things: skill and focus.

When you have a certain skill level in the game or on a specific champion and you are completely focused on your game play you will be able to enter the zone in no time almost every single game. When you enter the zone even during a duo queue elo boost your senses become sharpened to a level that you know is your current maximum performance. You can beat almost anyone in your lane and change the course of the game by yourself without the help of anyone else. That is what being the zone means.