How to: Gladiator

Hey there!
So you might be thinking I’m out of my mind if I have a guide on how to become a gladiator or a rank 1, and you would be…..

…wrong! I’m not!

It’s actually pretty easy for someone to become a gladiator, given that they put in the time and effort of course, but you are not in the dark anymore, right now you have all the resources that you need to achieve it, it’s not like before that people were just guessing and whoever did the right thing would end up with a higher rating.

Right now there are resources like guides, forums, paid membership sites with amazing videos that explain to you general ideas and concepts, or you can stare at a stream for hours trying to copy what the pro players are doing, lying to yourself saying that you are learning from what they do, it’s amazing!

Ok… you might have had that before as well, but they were rubbish and not reliable at all for you to actually use them and follow them.

So what’s new now? How come there’s a guide for someone to follow and hit gladiator?

Well you see, it’s not about having all the skills in the world, it’s not about having crazy reflexes and think ahead of time in every situation.

It’s about just having the mindset of trying and trying and trying no matter how many times you fail and how many times you need to play again and lower your rating, it’s about wanting to improve every single time.
When you see some sport, any sport you will find that there is always a coach, there is always someone who will tell you what you’re doing wrong, they are people that have gone through the road that you are planning on going through.

Sadly in games this is not something you find easily, or it’s not as popular as you would say someone playing almost every single physical sport.

However this is no reason for you not to seek help from better players that can guide you through it.

You have several options for this:

First you can go through the armory and add people who are in your server of higher skill level, and talk to them, not the rank 1’s or gladiators because it’s likely they will not pay attention to you; however someone let’s say 200 rating above yourself can be of amazing help and teach you lots of things, which is why if you seek for them those players are likely to reply and to help you out playing with you in arenas.

Second option is for the people who don’t have that amount of time of grinding for hours looking for partners or people to help them get better; for this you have the option of playing with the rank1’s and gladiators of this game through coaching, we have a “self-play” arena carry service in which we team you up with our top boosters and do arenas with you, it can be for rating, or it can be just for hours, in which you will learn from the very best in this game how to play to the maximum level and how to become the best.

There is nothing compare to this as it will literally be like getting coaching from the top in any sport.
And there’s a third option, forums, you can seek around for help in forums (although not as effective) but it’s definitely something that you can try if you don’t want to spend the time or money into it.
Anyways, hope this helped and sorry if this wasn’t a guide on how to “one shot” something.