After you have received an ELO boost you might end up wondering if you can even touch your account and play rated games to see if you can hold the rating, despite the fact that you were confident enough to get the boost in the first place because you were sure that you would be able to perform perfectly within that division that you ended up after it.

While it’s true that many players just decided to get their ELOs raised in order to be able to show their friends a shiny new icon that represents that they are now in a higher division and tell them that they just got so much better within the weekend or something like that.

The majority of the players that decide to get an ELO boost do it for the fact that they are sick and tired of their current rating, possibly within ELO hell and after playing with horrible teams on and on they can’t seems to climb back up the MMR ladders once again, getting forced to look for alternative ways in which they can get their division back.

Then we’re left with the ones that think they are much better than what they currently are placed in, which is for some cases the truth, they just go through the same of being placed time after time with horrible players and they can’t seem to find a way out of the depths of ELO hell, and then they seek for a way to push themselves out of it and go back to the normal grind that anyone would go through without the help of an ELO boost.

So in order to keep this, what should you do? The answer is simple, in face we have it written already for you and you can read it in our previous blogs and especially the ones about dedication and the ones about coaching, also last but not least the one about keeping the “zen” and staying within “the zone” while you play League of Legends in order to play at your absolute best and stay within the new division in which you were placed by our services.