master champion

Hey there summoners, so this time we’ll be talking about how to master all the champions, which is quite a feat as you can see there are tons of them and we’ve got guides for some of them and will be putting more and more up for you to learn how to become the best ever player.

So the first thing as you might see on those guides are the basics, for instance, you have builds as well as a selection of spells to upgrade as you are leveling through the game, and not to mention the best items to buy for each of your roles and champions.

It can be very daunting for someone who has no clue and is just starting to see so many things to learn from the very beginning.

However this is very far from the truth, for instance, usually each champion has a unique build that defines them and which you can play to the maximum potential and it’s what the top players of League of Legends with the highest ELO you can imagine are playing, which tells you something.

There are also many “done for you” builds software that updates every single day as the top players of this game update their current builds for every champion, with that being said, now you start to realize that all the build and item selection just came down to something as easy as copy paste or just as a 1 button solution.

Now all you have to know is the general strategy of each champion and how you can use that to your advantage, as well as how to use what each champion has within their arsenal. Let’s be honest it’s just 12 spells, and only 5 of those are actually spells. The rest are things that you would use regardless such as health potions and such, independent of whatever champion you are using.

So you see if you think about it objectively, there isn’t much to learn, you will be given the best in slot before you even have to step into the game and now all you have to do is put some dedication and time into familiarizing yourself with each and every single champion that you would like to use, according to your preference.

Simple isn’t it? Well it is if you think about it objectively!

Let others do the hard work and the heavy lifting, you just focus on what really matter, which is playing the game!

Mastering a champion is something that takes years of practice and can be a very long process. In order to master a champion you need to spend countless nights sitting there with a cup of coffee by your side playing away and only stopping until you can’t play any longer. This is a tall task especially on harder champions like Anivia or Ezreal who rely on skill shots and positioning a lot. Instead of trying to master all the champions at first try and master one difficult champion so that when you have to play other less skilled champions you’ll be able to get a grasp of them very easily compared to what you usually play. In order to master all the champions you’re also going to have to master the game first. Mastering the games fundamentals like positioning, tower and team coordination will allow you to get a much stronger grasp of anything else you do and that includes mastering champions.