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Come and become a better player with our League of Legends coaching sessions. We guarantee that you can become a better play no matter what division you are in.

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  • 1 Full Hour
  • Skype required
  • No Division Requirement


  • 2 Full Hours
  • Skype required
  • No Division Requirement


  • 3 Full Hours
  • Skype required
  • No Division Requirement

There is always room for improvement in the game and even if you are a challenger you can still improve on your game. Our guided classes are packed with information that is guaranteed to help you learn the game in and out carrying you out of elo hell. Through the most intense League of Legends training you’ve ever experienced.

Stuck in bronze? Maybe silver? Even gold or Platinum? No more having to worry about that when you can increase your grinding and climbing process significantly with some coaching in League of Legends.

All of our coaches are at least diamond 3 or better with many diamond 1 and challenger coaches available to use. Personal training is one of the most valuable things that you can invest in in league of legends (yes better than skins!).

LoL Lessons:

You yourself can carry out of elo hell or any division in league of legends that you are in with the best classes available on the market by elitist-gaming.com, come now to schedule your session with the best coaches in the market.

The league of legends training sessions are built around your league and teach you diamond 1 and challenger tactics to help you improve to become a better player than you currently are.

These league of legends classes are packed with information like orbwalking, builds for your champion, and how to last hit with that champion to ensure you get 200 cs at 20 minutes every game. League of legends is all about improving on your game and climbing the divisions that are blocking you from the division you want to be in.

Why have someone do it for you when you can do it yourself! No more need to buy other things from other sites when you can buy a league of legends training right away! We accept all the following regions: NA, EUW, EUNE, LAS, LAN, RU and TR experts here can guide you through everything and make you a better league of legends player that will climb the elo ladder in no time.

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Powerful Division Training

You know very well that in order for you to grow as a player you definitely have to get the guidance of someone who has been at this for far longer than what you have and to basically lay out all the instructions, the blueprint if you will of what you have to do in order to make sure you stay within the line of success.

In every single class you get a lot more than what you pay for and this is because our coaches are the best players in your respective region when it comes to his game and you will find out very soon that their level is beyond what you could have imagined. Not only that but they commit into giving you the exact same information that has taken them to the very top with the least effort possible.

I’d suggest you not to waste your time reading guides about people that claim to be the best, and even if they are they don’t have a teaching passion for what they do and for the most part their guides are not very good. Getting it straight from the source, the coach itself is what will kickstart your League of Legends career.

When was the last time you saw someone learn a martial art through a guide they read online? Probably never right? It’s the same thing in here, you need a professor or in this case a coach to tell you what to do in every situation and guide you through the steps that you should follow in order to become the greatest you can be.

Handpicked Coaches

Coaches are handpicked from a large group of boosters and Diamond 1+ players who have exceptional skills in a variety of different roles and champions. We run them through a very strict vetting process where we access their ability to speak the language the client prefers fluently, shows the ability to communicate exceptionally, and expresses a deep understanding of all the different mechanics of the game needed to help propel our clients to the highest ELO attainable for them. Our coaches will develop a highly individualized custom coaching plan for you that will take into account your weaknesses, your strengths, and work with you to help improve on them.

The process is straight forward. Once you purchase a coaching plan you will have access to a custom member’s area where you will be able to plan the best time for coaching and see progress of your coaching lessons. You will always have the ability to submit a refund request if the coach becomes unresponsive of he is not doing his job correctly. We have daily live chat that is always there to assist you if something goes wrong over the course of your coaching lessons.

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