Using a VPN for account security

LoL Elo Boosting Security Measures

A lot of times people ask us how we ensure that their accounts will be safe and not banned from RIOT the minute someone logs in or if they find out that their account has been boosted, etc.

Despite having answered that multiple times and you can find those answers here we dedicated a page specifically to answer those questions once and for all.

Let me explain to you why your account might be compromised and then what we do to counter each and every single one of those triggers.

While your account is being Elo Boosted a player from a much higher ranking will log into your account and play while trying to win as much as possible in order to raise your ELO or division however you want to call it, until it reaches the desired rating that you ordered.

Most Common Account Security Triggers:

This creates 2 major security triggers that might get your account compromised.

The first one is the fact that your account was logged from a different IP and therefore it can send a signal to RIOT that such account was hacked or maybe it had an unauthorized access from somewhere else in the world.
And then the second trigger that might spot a security flaw in an ELO boost is that your account had an unnatural growth in rating while it was being played in a different IP, this can cause suspicion and sometimes a ban from RIOT itself preventing you to log into your account any longer.

So to counter this we apply several measures, the first one that counters the IP difference is that we use what it’s called a VPN or “virtual private network” and what this does it changes the location of the IP of our elo booster to one that is closer to the customer’s home address, what this does is that it sells League of Legends that you just logged from a close enough location to the normal one you usually log form, this can happen if you just move to a friend’s house or you refreshed your modem/router giving you a new localized IP, etc. Which will be completely natural for someone to do while playing League of Legends.

proper elo boosting security

Boosting through a VPN

And then the second unnatural growth will cancel itself out with the VPN because then RIOT will be able to tell that it was you the one who played that account and the unnatural growth is countered by randomized losses on purpose by our boosters in order to ensure that your ELO gain looks as natural as possible from someone who just had a coaching session or something like that.

Naturally someone who just received some insights and some knowledge will perform miles better than someone else who hasn’t and then it is expected that said person plays a lot better than they did previously; same as if they were duo queueing with a friend, duo queue in league of legends is there for a reason! And you should all use it from time to time to ensure that your account leaves no footprints in League of Legend’s eyes and thus securing your account from any potential harm.