Who are the Elo Boosters?

booster ranked games

So that’s a very valid question you might be asking yourself, first of all you gotta understand that these guys are spending hours and hours playing the game and they are paid by performance, Elo Boosters are not someone who can afford to lose a game, which is something very important when you consider the fact that the less time they take to boost an account the more they get out of it.

These are the top players that take accounts from bronze to diamond on a daily basis, they do this for a living and they are very good at it.

I’d go as far as saying that these guys are better than many of the top players out there which you will find in streams and even pro teams.

Will they raise my Elo?

Glad you asked, of course they will, you can find there doing the normal Boosting as well as giving coaching to all of our customers.

Why do we rely on these Boosters so much?

Well to put it simply, they are the best that you can find anywhere, as I said, these guys for a living take accounts out of Elo Hell and into Elo Heaven on a daily basis, they don’t spend time and time  just playing in the Elo Heaven all day every day, they go down and dirty when it comes to bringing bronze accounts out of their “pit”.

I cannot think of any other better player that could accomplish that day in and day out, so of course their experience is unmatched, and to be honest I’d even prefer them than the top pro players, due to the fact that their dedication and expertise is unmatched and they do get the job done.

high elo players winning games

Elo Boosters are all the diamond 1’s and challengers that you probably haven’t heard of because they are not main stream at all, they rather keeping things private and just being the amazing players that they are in secret, and just playing the game they love day in and day out for hours on end, ensuring that there will be no risk of getting someone banned in League of Legend.

You might see some of them literally carrying the uncarriable games like it’s no big deal at all, you will be amazed at the capabilities that these players have when it comes to bringing your division up.

They definitely know all the ups and downs of League of Legends, trust me that these Elo Boosters are something else, they are definitely something special that you should take into consideration whenever you plan on getting any service, with them you are 100% certain that you are getting the best of the best.

Most importantly than all, Elo Boosters are reliable, they are the only type of professional gamers that will actually do what they said they would, they live from that so it’s logical to think that someone like them will take their boosting seriously and you will be able to find nothing but the top of the top right here in this website.

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