Please make sure you read our Frequently Asked Questions as more likely than not you will find that you were looking for is already here and answered in great detail for you, this will save time to you and to us by not waiting on email support answers before you make a purchase or you clarify a doubt that you might have.

If you don’t find the answer to your questions here then we suggest you email us at or use the chat-window below to get a direct contact with our representatives who will gladly answer any questions you might have regarding our services.

Keep in mind that there’s a wait time for our League of Legends chat as we try to serve as many people as possible, so please again, read our League of Legends Elo Boosting FAQ thoroughly. Thank you!

You will find that your question will most likely be answered here before having the need to contact our support or our chat rooms, this will help making things faster although we don’t discourage you from contacting us if you find that what you need answered isn’t written down here.

We provide this to make sure that our players ¬†know everything they need to know before their accounts get pushed into the high divisions and leagues so that not only they are aware of the situation but that they understand what has to be done and in what fashion it has to be done, as well as making sure that you as a customer make this a much more secure and stable process for our boosters, we’ve covered what to do and what not to do when you are before, during and after a division boost in League.

Usually we handle accounts every day if they are in stock so you should only wait 24 hours maximum.

However if they are not in stock it’s a form of pre-order and you will have to wait a little bit longer to receive your account.

These accounts come from the same sources so they are of the same quality as if they came from the stock accounts.

In the type of boosts where your account is given to us we advice you NOT to log in to the account until we inform you that the boost is completed, this is part of the security measures that we take and if the rule is broken then we can’t have full security measure therefore it might compromise the account integrity, we advice you NOT to do it please.


Currently we do not offer demo boosts for any of the services however we plan to implement that into the system as soon as possible.

This type of boost is a little more complex, you will not be giving us your account information for us to boost your account, what will happen here is that you will give us your contact information, preferably skype and then you will be put into contact with a booster for your region/server who will play a smurf account with you matching your current ELO.

Then you will proceed to arrange times in which the booster and you can play together for up to 10 matches, these can be done in a row or can be paused to be continued later.

Depending on the type of service which you purchased for league of legends duo queue boosting you might also have the option of voice communication which will allow you to have real-time communication with the booster as well as coaching sessions as the game is going on, you will follow the lead of our booster and he’ll also tell you what you should be improving as the game goes on.

If you ordered the highest package then you will also receive a post-game analysis in which he’ll tell you what were the flaws and everything that could improve in your game. This will happen after every game that is played.

Coaching sessions are done through skype or mumble depending on your choice, these are done personally from the booster/coach to the customer so we kindly ask you not to share the coach’s information with anyone else.

After the established time you will begin a call and proceed to answer questions and go through a general lesson to then proceed to in-game lesson which will be spectated by the coach to tell you in which aspects of the game you are lacking and in what and how you should improve them.

You can order more hours of boost as well as request another coach and the time you spent with the first coach will not be charged.

This can only be applied within the first 10 minutes of the lesson; after that you are not allowed to cancel and change coach.

Common question indeed and let me tell you that so far we haven’t gotten a single complain from a customer about anything happening with their accounts.

That being said we also take all the precautions with EVERY single booster out there such as:

-they will all use a VPN to match the region and address of the player, or a proxy for that matter.

-they will all ONLY use secure connections when logging into the game with your account.

-these games will NOT be streamed if the booster also happens to be a streamer.

-the computer of the booster will run an up-to-date anti-virus and custom firewall.

-the computer of the booster will only run the required programs and applications needed for them to complete the boost.

-the browser of the booster will have a secure connection through our servers to ensure that there is no possible way that any form of security is compromised.

-the booster skype is ran through a set of private proxies which make it really hard for them to get any form of attack such as a DDOS while they are boosting or coaching.

-your information will be sent to ONLY one booster per boost unless you ask us to change the booster for whatever reason.

Glad you asked, each boosting is different so let’s run the explanation for each:

Division and League Boosting:

The time is dependent on the range from which you ordered, if you ordered from Bronze I to Diamond V for example then it will be longer than if you would order from say Silver II to Silver I.

This being said however there are many wins to be done to reach from point A to point B, each of these takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

It’s a common miss conception that it takes longer to move through the lower LoL Ranks than it does to move through the higher ones like Diamond or Platinum.

This is not the case because our boosters are Challengers or Diamond I each and every single one of them, so it’s indifferent for them to move through the leagues and divisions and it only comes down to times of the games and actual play-times.

Duo Queue ELO Boosting:

We offer you up to 10 wins while in duo queue, as being said this is arranged personally between you and the booster as to what time-frames you will be able to play.

The games are delivered in a row however you can stop it and play later to complete your order.

Depending on the package which you ordered we also give you in-game coaching through voice communication and things like that which will make it last a little bit longer but on the contrast it will make you a far better player.

We also offer the post-game analysis which will obviously make it last longer however it will be like a combination of products from the DUO QUEUE ELO BOOST and the LOL Coaching.

Each game takes as much time as any normal game without the coaching and the post-game analysis.

Placement Matches:

These are done in a row and they are 10 so 45 minutes per game times 10 is 450 minutes give or take depending on the situation, on an ideal world that’s what it should take although depending on the booster and the time of your order the games might be delayed until the following day so they will not be done back to back.

LOL Coaching:

This is purchased per hour basis so these take 1 hour to get done.

Individual WINS:

These follow the same rules as the placement matches boost option.

Power Leveling:

Depending on the level you are and the level where you want to end up in, usually level 30 then you will time the amount of wins that are required by 45 minutes which is an estimate per game and you will get your result of how long it should take in a perfect world where all the variables are under control.