ELO Boosting in EUW

elo map in EU westEUW is perhaps the most varied region of the entire League of Legends, and what I mean by varied is that it has a mix of all the types of players out there making it a very dynamic and difficult region to be a part of and to try to climb the ladders of the divisions on your own.

With that being said, it’s not impossible and we will tell you exactly how to accomplish that step by step and the reasoning behind it.

Boosting is a Tool for you to use

Firstly you need to consider boosting as something different than the misconception that it normally is attached to it, being in EU West or any other region.

You have to see boosting the same way as the top players that got there saw it as, they saw it as a tool to use and not something that should be frowned upon.

Furthermore, it’s not dishonest or anything like that to use said tool because it just pushes you upwards in the ELO ladder and it makes you play and learn with the better players that you were playing with before.

truth about boosting in euwSteps to raise your ELO in EUW:

Step 1 – Consider an ELO Boost

A lot of players make statements like “players are where they belong” but it’s a misunderstanding of how ELO works. This premise does not hold. As a ranking algorithm it’s designed to predict the probability of a win between two players and then appropriately change the ranking based on the outcome.

If you have a low ELO and beat a high ELO player you stand to gain a lot, but if you’re a high ELO and beat a low ELO player, you barely move. However, League of Legends balances teams in Europe based on many factors – not just ELO. The availability of roles, the length of queue and individual skills all play into the algorithm. This isn’t like chess where each player has the same pieces and it’s true that the better player wins. Sometimes, you really do lose games because of your teammates.

However, as you climb in rankings these other variables become less factored as players become consistent. They may not get their role, but they have a solid understanding of the game and able to adapt. Playing to go even rather than losing hard is more possible the higher you climb. Therefore making a strong lead more beneficial to your team overall.

You should consider our ELO Boost Service to help you climb a few divisions to gain stability in your matches.

Step 2 – Adapt Your Playstyle

Some players think that getting a helping hand is cheating or somehow devalues your position – however if you use our service in EUW correctly, it’s not cheating. We recommend that players do not aim to go for divisions that are outside of their skill level, but getting through promotions is about as much skill as a fruit machine at times.

You should aim for 2 – 3 divisions to start with, then get a feel for this ranking and whether you can maintain this position. As you adapt to the playstyle and new techniques used, you may consider fast tracking yourself to the next level. This means that you’re flexible to adapt to the players and tactics they use, never caught by surprise and take advantage of the learning in each tier. Once you have completed your training within that tier, accelerating your growth to the next tier will present you with new challenges.

We have found that if players use this tiered growth, they maintain their rankings for as long as possible. This is especially true in Europe, where there are great differences in tactics within divisions. However, if you’re confident you can play at a higher level without the need to grow further, our service allows for large jumps in rankings safely.

Step 3 – Keep Learning

euw servers

No matter how long you have played on EUW you have not met all the different playstyles. With so many different countries packed into a single server, the variety of users is incredible. We have players that are more aggressive and prefer champions such as Lee Sin, and players that prefer supportive champions like Ivern. Whilst there is some element of champion priority, we’ve seen many boosters do great jobs with all types of champion.

This means that you should also figure out your playstyle, maybe you don’t enjoy playing supportive junglers but are really good at shotcalling. It’s a mixture of efficient climbing and having fun. Likewise, some players prefer supports such as Soraka. To many she is just a healbot in the bottom lane, but a skilled player can carry games through assist gold. That’s not to discredit a player who loves Thresh or Leona – these champions have some serious carrying potential.

You should also look into Pro Builds so you can see what runes and masteries they are experimenting with. Look for trends that work across each game, but also look for custom builds. You might notice that the professionals change their runes, masteries and summoner spells depending on their opponent’s champion, not just their own. It’s about mitigating your weaknesses so that you can use items to strengthen yourself. This type of game understanding does take time. You do not have to read guides like it’s an exam at school, but they offer guidance.

Step 4 – Be Patient with your Rankings

Once you get to a new tier there is bound to be some growth pains and fluctuations in rankings. This is why Step 2 is such an important step. If you aim too high you will likely drop a few rankings. This can cause players to tilt and then lose games they would otherwise have won if they maintained their calm.

However, if you aim for a division that is more realistic for your level then you can minimize these growing pains. It’s not to say that growing pains are bad, we go through them as children and it helps us to grow tall and strong. This is the same in League of Legends, if you lose a few games but learn from it – then the time spent was worthwhile.