I was so pleased with this, it took way less than what I expected
the coaching went great and ill get more from these guys as the time goes by
Jake Becker
good service will use again
i picked the duo queue boosting and it was really good i learned a lot from it after the games were done and the coach told me what i was missing
I’ve used other sites before and this one was way better, the attention and support is really good.
Lizzy Dimitrova
good service and support
Armando Cambronero
really good boosting they actually over delivered

Here you will find a small collection of the testimonials of people who have chosen our services in league of legends exclusively, we’re proud to have a large quantity of very well pleased customers saying what they think about the game, for their own security we do not share their personal details or their real summoner names as we value their privacy a whole lot.

customer after elo boosted

If you’ve got any questions personally then we encourage you to contact our support or read our FAQ because it will more than likely answer any questions you might have.


We’re very pleased to tell you that our customers have been mostly repeat customers because of the style of service we provide in League of Legends high – elo environments, it’s very unique and very professional and personal as we strongly believe that as a customer you are our most valuable asset and we like to keep it that way from us and from our ELO boosters directly.

Back to our main league page you will find all of our League of Legends boosting services as well as a lot more information on how we do our services different than the other providers as well as some insights into what it takes to either become one of our premium boosters or how we picked each and every one of our professional players.

10 ranked challenger matches

If you have any questions regarding what we do in here then don’t hesitate to ask through either our support email or our direct chat which you can find at the bottom right of the screen and will take you directly with one of our support agents to clear any doubts you’ve got before purchasing any ELO service, being boosting or coaching.


This has been our League of Legends feedback page for you to find what others are saying about our products and our overall service and experience!

It’s amazing to read how others have had lots of success when they’ve been boosted to a higher division and how their gaming experience has changed overall for the better.

In our time boosting 10’000s of client’s from many different games we have always received tremendous feedback on many facets of our boosting system. The one thing clients always praise is the ease of access to contact us. We can be reached around the clock via Live Chat by clicking the little green button on your bottom right. There is always a staff member available for sales and support alike. Whatever you need, even if it’s something you may be able to find on your own, our support staff Is always willing to help you.

The next is the ease of use of our custom member’s area. Our custom members allows each individual order placed within our system to have its own custom page. On this page you will have access to boost information, a real time chat system with your booster, the ability to upgrade your order, the ability to pause your order, among many other things. This has been a highly praised system for its ability to maintain constant chat with your booster, as well as providing one stop for all information related to your boost.

ELO Boosting can be hard and that is why we only pick Diamond 1 and above boosters from every region to do our boosting. Every booster goes through a series of tests to ensure their skill sets, communication style, and speediness matches with what our customers want. Tardiness does not stand, and every booster is made aware if they claim an order they must complete it promptly. If you are ever forced to wait an unreasonable amount of time, Live Chat is always available to reassign you to another booster or try to negotiate a solution with the current one.

We have never had a boosted client lose their ELO, and that is due to our custom VPN application and custom member’s area software. You will always be set to appear offline when in League of Legends matches, no contact will ever be made with your friends list, and all communication done through our members area is secure and encrypted to prevent eavesdropping. Whether we take you from Bronze to Diamond or not, it will always be a secure, safe transaction and we will ensure your ELO boost is done quickly and effectively.

We offer the same level of care and service for our other League of Legends boosting products such as Wins Boost, Duo Que Boost, Placement Matches, and even Coaching! We may even be able to offer custom products depending on what you’re looking for.