So how to find FREE Elo Boost?

NEW RULES: go here: divisions and enter your email in the box, every week we pick 10 winners and notify them by email, this makes the process a lot more simple. Thanks!

It’s very simple, we give free elo boosting in exchange for some social shares, that’s right, all you need to do is take a look at our facebook and be on the look for posts that mention that we got an offer about giving away free elo boosting.

Rules for getting it for free?

lol for free

As you can imagine this is a contest and we try to make everyone participate, the way this will play out is very simple, all you have to do is be on the look for the posts and follow the rules there, usually the rules are simply liking and sharing our posts with your friends and we will pick a few people at random from the likes and shares.

After we pick someone we will contact that person through facebook and we will tell them the details.

league of legends free boosting champThe size of the Elo Boost

We will offer boosts up to 2 divisions, so if you are bronze 5 you will end up in gold 5, or if you personally want to stop it at silver 1-5 or anything like that, you are completely free to do so.

Often times we will offer bigger elo boosts and even getting more people from the posts on facebook, this will ensure that you guys will get the most out of it and that if you share it you get an even bigger chance of getting in.

Are the boosters good in this free boost?

Yes we will use our top boosters that we normally use to take people up to diamond 1 and challenger, we will not spare on our own resources to make the best out of these contests.

Additionally if you guys have an idea for another contest that we like, we not only will feature such contest but we will give you free boosting for that.

This way everyone can participate and we will get an even better community.

Quick, free elo boosting!

If you want to play with friends in a higher elo for free, this is definitely the way to do so, this will make you skip the grind completely.

You will skip the elo hell 100% however I think it’s just me rambling because you already know what happens when you get an elo boost even if it’s free or not.

Is it safe?

no other elo boosting

Of course it is, the banwaves that you read about and things like that are nothing but a PR stunt by RIOT to discourage people from doing so, which is fair for them to do it, however our data and every other website will tell you otherwise, simply because we are in the trenches day in and day out and we really know what is going on in the fields when we boost account after account up to even 100 accounts a day and we get no reports what so ever about people getting banned or anything like that.

So you know what to do now guys to get a free elo boost, go on facebook, like our page and then be on the lookout for more contests where we will give you free stuff!